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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2013 Year at a Glance

Pssst…   I’m Aimee.  Remember me?

I haven’t been around these parts much.  I’m sorry.  I do have lots of fun ideas percolating in my head… including more fun Pattern Pieces and other printables

Just need the time to do it all! 

Wondering where I’ve been?  Founding, building, fostering THIS.  Running a busy support group is definitely rewarding, but it takes up all of my free time.  This year is going to be all about finding more time for me.  And I plan to take pretty much the entire month of January to figure out how I want to do that, including what plans I want to make regarding Sprik Space and designing.

By popular demand, I made a little extra time this week to do this…


2011 Calendar[7]I take a peek at my annual year-at-a-glance desk calendar every.single.time I sit down at my desk.  It lives in a little clip frame (<see photo of 2011’s version), and sometimes I switch it out, whenever I get bored with the color.

I know, I know...  We’re already 8 days into this new year, but just in case you don’t have an annual calendar to post yet, I’ve made mine into another freebie to share with all of you!

This year, I created 3 different versions in 12 different colors.  Two of them are my traditional 5”x7” size, and the third is 8”x10”. 

These might be my favorite annual calendars yet!

A - Single  B - SingleC - Single

Version A is 5”x7”, light and bright, and easy to self-print:

A - Collage

Version B is 5”x7”, color-saturated, and should probably be sent out to a printer:

B - Collage

Version C is 8”x10”, light and bright, LARGER, and easy to self-print:

C - Collage

To download the image(s) for printing, simply click on any image in this post, and a new window will open to the download location for that calendar version in minus. Save the image(s) to your computer, and they’re yours! Just print it out yourself, or upload to your photo printer of choice.


  • All Sprik Space freebie designs are available for your PERSONAL use only.  If you are interested in purchasing a non-exclusive COMMERCIAL USE LICENSE, you can find more details here.
  • I'm also now offering custom colors on my designs.  Please find more details here.

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