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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Sustenance

166864570_UtuSiZz8_c“Life is just too short.  Too short to not forgive yourself when you fall.  Everyone makes mistakes. Successful people own them, learn from them, and get back up.  Life is too short not to taste, smell, touch and see everything.  Life is too short to say, ‘what if?’.  Life is too short not to wake up every day surrounded by the people you love who lift you up and encourage you to grow.  Life is too short to have people in your life who tell you that you aren’t enough.  Life is far too short not to tell those people to kindly take a hike.  Life is too short to be small.  Life is too short to short not to turn the music up, throw caution to the wind and do something out of your comfort zone.  Life is too short to accept your limitations.  You are the only person who can give yourself permission to be great.  Life is too short not to be loved fully… for who we are… right now.  Life is too short not to give everything.  So many people have so little.  You’ll leave this world with nothing anyway.  Life is too short to not laugh, play -even when things are falling apart- and give thanks for what’s right under your nose. Life is too short not to express.  Say it.  Write that letter.  Make that call.  Love deeply.”

- Lara Casey



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