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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

FAQ regarding my freebies

I’ve been receiving a lot of the same questions lately via e-mail, so I thought I’d save all of us the trouble ;) and address them in a quick post.  (Because I’m really, really bad about staying on top of my inbox!)

You can find a listing of all of the freebies I’ve offered on Sprik Space here.


Sizing, resolution, and coloring of the freebies

On each freebie post, I specify the size(s) in which I have designed the printable.  These are the sizes to order and/or print them in if you don’t want them to be distorted from what you see on the screen.  Again, for best results, be sure to order the printables in the size already specified on their individual post. 

Most of the freebies are 300 pixels/inch resolution, with exception of printables sized 11x14 and larger – those are 200 pixels/inch.  As of right now, until I hold still and learn Photoshop, that’s the best my sad little designing program can do.  For your basic typographic printable, these resolutions are just fine, and you shouldn’t run into any problems with your photo printer.

In simple terms, as far as discrepancies in the coloring of the freebies, I design in the RGB color model and color printers use the CMYK color model.  Therefore, there will inherently be differences between what you see on the screen and how your printed product turns out.  (I won’t even get into how colors can be slightly different from computer monitor to computer monitor.)  Whenever you can, turn off any auto color correction tools when sending images to a printer.  I typically send my prints to Costco, because that’s the most convenient and cost efficient place for me.  Zemya Photography recently posted a really cool comparison on various photo printing services

If the colors in which I’ve offered the printable just don’t do it for you, please contact me about color customization – more details here.   


How to download from 4shared

I receive a few e-mails each day from readers wondering why they have to pay to download my freebies from 4shared… guess what – you don’t!  :)  Here’s how you should go about downloading from 4shared…

Once you’ve clicked from my freebie post (typically the image embedded within the post is your download link), you’ll come to a page that might look a little like this.  This is where you’ll choose the color(s) you want to save for yourself.

4shared 1

After you’ve chosen the color(s) you want, you’ll see a page similar to the one below.  Downloading from 4shared is FREE, as long as you click on the purple “Download Now” button, located beneath and to the right of the image you want to download.

4shared 2

Sometimes, your download will begin immediately to your pre-appointed download folder on your computer.  Oh happy day!!  However, many times 4shared requires you to wait several seconds before they make the download link fully available.  Please be patient.  I use 4shared because it’s a free file-sharing site… and you come to Sprik Space for free printables.  It’s all good.

4shared 3

After your wait time is up, the download link will appear.  Click on those purple words: “Download file now”.  Your download should begin immediately to your pre-appointed download folder on your computer.

4shared 4


Sharing my freebies on your site

If you would like to blog about any of my free printables, or share them on Facebook or Pinterest, please accompany any images from my site with a credit and link back to their post.  As a courtesy, please do not link directly to a downloadable file but rather to the post page.  Additionally, if you happen to blog/share about a personal use project you completed using any of my freebies, I would love a link back to Sprik Space – it would mean the world to me!  (And, if you let me know that you’ve posted something, I want to share your post on the Sprik Space Facebook page.)  Thank you for your understanding!


Simplified (and clarified, once again) definition of commercial use

Do you happen to be using any of my freebies in your own ventures that are generating income for you?  (Personal, self-designed blogs running advertising that use Sprik Space freebies in their blog design are excepted… and I’d love a link back!  If those self-designed blogs are generating income for your home/small business, we should talk.  I know it’s a little confusing, just contact me if you have questions.)  Let’s talk about a commercial use license.  :)  More details here.


sidebar title - disclaimer & frequently asked questionsDo you have other questions about Sprik Space?  Please check my main Disclaimer & FAQ page here.


Still have other burning questions?  :)  Please feel free to contact me.


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