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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GIVEAWAY :: Winner of KDP’s “Say NO to Auto”


The lucky WINNER of the Kristen Duke Photography’s “Say NO to Auto” e-book giveaway is:

#90 – mamabeck



Mamabeck, I have forwarded your e-mail to Kristen, and you should be hearing from her shortly.

If you didn’t win this giveaway, don’t fret! 

You can order your own digital or hard copy of “Say No to Auto” here.

Thanks to all who entered!


mamabeck said...


Thank you so much!
I opened my email this morning to find Kristen's eBook as an attachment and had to stop and think "Did I go ahead and order it...or did I WIN?!?!?" WOOT!

Blessings to you and yours!
Thank you again!

Hayley said...

so here's the crazy thing... i'm in austin visiting my sister, right? guess who i've met a few times already since i've been here? kristin duke! she's incredibly nice and funny. i just put it together that you're friends with her when i saw your post this morning. the name sounded familiar and i couldn't place it til your post. crazy.

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