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Monday, August 01, 2011

Back to reality…

Oh, what a crazy summer it’s been!

And, I do mean C-R-A-Z-Y.

We kept it all on the down low, but back in May, Brian was abruptly laid off from a very good job with a company he loved. 

Amazingly, by the end of June, he had found a position with a much larger (more stable) company.  Just as we had begun to accept the unknown, the perfect opportunity came along with an offer he couldn’t refuse.  We did not expect it to happen so quickly after his layoff, but we feel so incredibly fortunate and blessed!

The new job means quite a bit of travel still, but when he’s home, he’s home…that is, working upstairs, in our home office.  So, we really can’t complain.  :)

Once he accepted the new offer, Brian took a full month off, and boy, did we take advantage of it!  We planned projects around the house, family outings, sold/bought a car, made a trip to Michigan, hosted family and friends, began redecorating, took a family vacation to Arizona, and fit in a spa getaway for the two of us – it’s been wonderful having that precious time together before starting the new job and getting back to the grind of things.  (And that’s why the blog’s been so quiet, and I’m beyond late in responding to e-mails and phone calls for so many weeks!) 


New folder

Summer 2011 exhibit A


Meanwhile, Connor… (or “Honnor” as he likes to call himself – hey, it’s better than his last rendition--“Kanye”!) is walking, running, and talking up a storm.  He’s a bundle of energy wrapped up in a cute little 2.5yo package, and we couldn’t adore him any more than we already do!  He’s kinda sorta fitting into 2T clothing, but his waistbands will probably have to be rolled for a long, long time.  He always wants to try new foods (especially meat!), and is mastering self-feeding with a spoon and fork surprisingly well.  The jury’s still out, but he just might be a lefty.  He’s showing a little bit of interest in potty-training, but it’s likely too soon to capitalize on it (basically, I’m not ready to commit to it yet).  His best buddy lives a couple doors down, and they LOVE to play together (when it’s not too sweltering outside for the moms).  He’s a human sponge and loves pretending that any object is a phone or a laptop, so he’s constantly making calls and checking his e-mail.  ;)  He’s very much into cars and creating parking lots all over the house – we’ve got neat little lines of toys in just about any room, always underfoot – he’s going to make an excellent valet attendant when he grows up.  ;)  We had a rough few weeks, but he’s back on track with his stellar sleeping habits – 10-12 hours per night, with a 2-3 hour nap each afternoon.  I know, I’m a spoiled mommy!  His good boy days still far outnumber his bad boy days – the terrible twos are definitely upon us, but we’re taking it in stride.  All in all, we’re pleased as punch with his progress lately and remain pleasantly surprised by and grateful for everything he’s accomplished thus far!



Summer 2011 exhibit B


I’ve got several dozen more photos to comb through and edit to share here on the blog… and, one of these days, it’ll get done.  The grandparents will have to make do with just these few.  :)

All in all, we’re exhausted – it’s been an emotional and hectic summer – but, we feel so incredibly fortunate and blessed!

Stay tuned, because I’ve been busy the last couple of days, trying to quietly play catch-up (unsuccessfully) and design some new freebies for the blog (successfully!).  If you’re a Facebook fan, you’ve already seen a SNEAK PEEK!


susan.a.lentz said...

Welcome back! It's so funny that you just did a post about summer and distractions because I just did a similar post this morning. In fact, I used one of your backgrounds to create a little collage. I hope you'll come check it out!

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