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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Team Marisa & Wellesley - Update

Team Marisa & Wellesley - May 22, 2011

First, from Scott:

"Sunday's Great Strides Walk drew about 1,000 people to Tempe Town Lake in Tempe, Arizona.  Many of the walkers wore shirts memorializing their lost loved ones, others still images reflecting the object of their current inspiration.  Team Marisa & Wellesley all wore turquoise bandanas to show our unification.  Our team numbered at about 30.

IMG_2819.2<  Scott, with our niece, Maddy, & sister, Kristen.

Marisa used to attend these walks as well, to show support and sense of community.  She would rile up the troops, get them all excited, commit to doing the walk, then 1/4 of the way in... she would duck out the side – she'd cough up some stuff and we'd either press forward again or skip right to the end.  I missed having her by my side this time... and me running to hers, panting (usually harder than she was, and I really never had an excuse!)  We raised a lot of money, and everyone was so generous and thoughtful to contribute through each of us as walkers for the team.  We exceeded our cumulative goal, and I want to thank everyone close and far, friend or stranger, for acknowledging through donations what she meant to the world and the people who were lucky enough to have known her personally.  Thank you, thank you."

I’m ecstatic to announce that Scott was able to raise (with your help) $3,071 (exceeding his $3,000 goal) and the entire team raised $6,532.10 (exceeding the team goal of $5,000)!!

Thank You 2

Thank you for caring… for your amazing generosity and sweet support of this important cause.  Scott couldn’t have raised so much without you.  Thank you for helping me to honor Marisa, and her sister, Wellesley, in this way.  This means the world to me, my brother, and my family.  Thank you, thank you! 



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