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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Connor :: January 2011

The next several posts are my attempt to get a little caught up…  attempt being the key word!  Mostly pictures, with just a few words.  And, mostly for the grandparentals.  :)

Bathtime Fun - Jan-Mar 2011

All bundled up! - January 1, 2011

Mother of the Year - January 3, 2011

DSC03073.2First Play-Dough experience – January 4, 2011

zoom... zoom... - January 5, 2011LOVES his little green car!

Loves to read the Sunday ads! - January 16, 2011Connor LOVES the Sunday ads.  If we let him, they’d be strewn about the house every day of the week.  He enjoys looking at the pictures but his favorite things to point out are the logos for products.  He’s a brand savant – no joke. 

DSC03113.2January 18, 2011


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