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Friday, April 01, 2011

Holiday Decor 2010

Holiday Decor 2010

I suppose posting this today…  a full 96 days after Christmas… could be considered an April Fool’s joke.  But no, I’m just that behind.  :(

This year I wasn’t as thrilled to decorate the house for the holiday.  Connor was now mobile, and nearly every decoration is breakable.  The thought of only decorating the spaces higher than 4’ tall was kind of depressing.  Somehow I pulled it off… it was a miracle (especially if you know how many nativities I own!), and I was able to use at least 95% of the decorations we have plus a few new ones.  (Yes, my house was a mess the day I took the majority of the photos.)  I’m mostly sharing this so that I can remember where I figured out to put everything when I decorate again for Christmas in 238 days.  ;)


ellie said...

Love the idea of hanging snowflakes from the light above your table, I might just do this Christmas!

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