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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Arizona Adventures

Arizona Adventures - 12.2010 - 4Here begins my attempt to get caught up on family blogging.  After all, I do plan on making another blog book someday… and at this rate, it’s gonna be pretty empty.  So, if you follow Sprik Space just for the printables, I understand – just bear with me, because the grandparents have been chomping at the bit for more pics!

For the second year in a row, we’ve traveled to Arizona (where my side of the family lives), a couple of weeks before Christmas.  Timing-wise, it’s perfect – the airport is less busy, fares are reasonable, and it encourages all of us to get our Christmas preparations completed ahead of schedule.  While we’re there, we squeeze in lots of activities plus a birthday party/family Christmas extravaganza.  Brian and I even got away and had a much needed date night!

We always have a fabulous time, and this year was no exception! 



An added bonus – all three of us came down with colds/sinus infections!  Joy.  Especially on the plane ride home…

Hoping the pictures will speak for themselves because text will be sparse on these.  :S

Arizona Adventures - 12.2010 - 2Arizona Adventures - 12.2010 - 1

Arizona Adventures - 12.2010 - 3














Check out the collage wall made by my sister-in-law, Emily – there are 40 frames in all… and in person, it’s stunning!


Grandpa Rogers said...

This grandparent thanks you! Although I have seen many of the individual pics before, you make them even more enjoyable with your creativity.

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