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Friday, January 21, 2011

Been crafty.

Instead of editing photos and posting about our December adventures, before I forget all the important details, I’ve been messing around a bit – working on printables and some DIY house decorating.  We’re still finishing up our office and Connor’s playroom… and there’s some family room painting and possibly an updated powder room in the works.  This is our M.O. every winter – as soon as the temps drop, and we’re homebound with Connor, we start contemplating and tweaking… and re-organizing.  I know we’re not the only ones!

In my last Brief Bits post, I highlighted 7 different wreaths that had caught my eye.  I decided to knock out 2 of them last weekend.  They were so simple, I have to share!

Heart Wreath

Based on this idea.  Several weeks ago, I spotted those cheap, red felt Christmas Tree skirts at Target for 90% off.  Knowing I had plans to do this project, I snatched up several of them, not knowing exactly how many it might take to complete a wreath form.  I also decided to do a heart-shaped one for Valentine’s Day, a la The Idea Room.  I also knew I didn’t want to waste any time with pinning or tracing a circle pattern to my felt, so I simply held my cardboard circle to the felt, doubled over for speed (to do 2 circles at once), and cut away.  I wanted my wreath to be extra full, so I pinned in 300 circles (about 1.5 50” Christmas tree skirts) to my heart wreath form.  In retrospect, I wish I had used nicer, ball-headed pins – my thumb is still a little numb.  I would estimate that I spent 2 evenings watching TV cutting, and about an hour pinning the circles to the wreath form.  By using clearance-priced “fabric” and 40% off coupons on the wreath form and pins, this cost me less than $5 total.  Not too shabby, and I love the end result! 

Twine Wreath

Based on this idea.  In my pseudo-mud room space (AKA a small corner of the dining room), I decided to hang a small, simple wreath over the mirror.  I wrapped an 8” circle wreath form with some jute I already had, and then hot-glued some rolled felt flowers and leaves to one side.  This wreath came together quickly and cheaply – about 2 hours and $3 total.  I love the extra little oomph it adds to the space. 

And then, we hit Garden Ridge last weekend.  I picked up dozens (likely way too many for just one project) of shiny and matte red ornament balls to make my own Eddie Ross Ornament Wreath.  At just pennies a box (practically FREE at 90% off), I couldn’t resist!  I’ll tackle that project in the fall…

Yup, I’ve got wreaths on the brain!


KrisRogMacK said...

They look good! I like that ornament wreath too. I've seen similar ideas but I don't remember them using a wire hanger which seems way easier. I only got probably 10-12 ornaments on clearance though, looks like it needs like 50.

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