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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Random pics for the grandparents

With this post, I’m considering myself caught up…

I will do better with posts on December’s activities… promise.

DSC02622.2October 28, 2010

DSC02745.2Making friends with a grizzly bear – November 16, 2010

IMG_1470.2Cool – October 21, 2010

DSC02778.2Santa baby – November 25, 2010

Silly Glasses - November 2010These plastic glasses are from a Halloween party favor, and they’re one of Connor’s prized possessions.  He especially loves to wear them during mealtime.

DSC02630.2October 28, 2010



Anonymous said...

Love Connor in the "silly glasses" so cute!

Grandpa Rogers said...

I liked the pictures. I wouldn't know Coldplay from Black Eyed Peas from Toe Jam.

Grandpa Rogers

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