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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Big E and little e

Before Halloween… way back in mid-October, my brother, Erik, and sister-in-law, Emily, came to visit!  (Like I said, I’m way behind on blogging the family stuff.)

A brief synopsis…

With Connor, we kept things pretty low-key, making sure that there was plenty of time for bonding…

DSC02568.2 Lounge buddies – October 21, 2010

Brian was able to take a much-deserved day off, so we all headed downtown to the Shedd on one of the days during their visit.

Visit to the Shedd Aquarium w- E&e - October 21, 2010061.2 DSC02512.2 DSC02547.2DSC02556.2 5x7DSC02555.2

Big E and little e. 

Check out that spread…  he’s 6’4”, and she’s 5’2”.  (I know!) 

As a tall girl, I really should hate her (for taking a tall guy off the market), but I like her way too much, and she did marry my brother.

On Erik's shoulders and the Chicago Skyline - October 21, 2010Connor’s favorite spot that day was atop Erik’s shoulders.

054.2Seriously – all Connor wanted to do while they were visiting was curl up in Erik’s lap. -  October 20, 2010

1287845727072.2Connor’s 1st basketball game – October 23, 2010

Emily and I got some good bonding time in, too.  Like the afternoon I hit a bunny rabbit with the car on our way to the store, and I couldn’t bear to see it flopping around on the street in my rear-view mirror, so I u-turned and finished it off.  Thump… thump. 

Not my finest moment.

Besides the rabbit massacre, it was a fun, few days. 

We’re so glad they came out to visit! 

Hopefully roadkill won’t keep them away for too longsignature5…   ;)


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