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Thursday, November 04, 2010

So I don't forget...

Connor has such a sweet and funny personality these days, and he's growing so fast - there were a few things I wanted to chronicle before I forget:
  • Connor's become really smooth at giving kisses and hugs.  Sometimes he'll even "attack" with kisses, one right after the other.  His hugs are good, solid squeezes, and he likes to pat your back with his little hands.  It's about the sweetest thing ever.
  • Crawling doesn't exist for Connor anymore... it's walking all the way.  :)  And now he's adding speed, before he's perfected his balance.  So, he tumbles, a lot.  I'm not as concerned about the falling as much as I am the self-maiming.  And he's way too good at that.  :(
  • With the toddling on two feet, he walks around in circles, loves to be chased, and he's added moonwalking this week.  The kid loves to walk backwards.  It's pretty funny.
  • We still feel pretty good about our decision to hold off on the speech therapy for now.  Kid comes up with new words every day, and babbles nearly all day long.  We think we've heard him singing the beginning of the "ABC" song a few times.  Another new word - "bye" - he says with a southern drawl.  Grandpa Rogers is so proud!  (I grew up in Texas and was not allowed to pick up the twang...  my dad thought it sounded uncouth and uneducated.)  By December, I hope to have Connor saying "y'all" to go with his "bye", just for Grandpa's benefit.  ;)
  • When he's concentrating lately, Connor's begun to furrow his brow.  Except, rather than look serious, he looks really, really angry.
  • On good days, Connor can hoist himself up onto the couch without assistance.  Which is amazing because his legs are the length of a 1-yr-old's.  I sure do hope puberty is kind to him in the height department.
  • Connor's actively teething right now, and while we're constantly telling him to stop chewing on his toys, we're laying off of it for the time being.  Seems kinda cruel to make him stop doing something that helps his gums feel better.  So, needless to say just about everything in the house has teeth marks in it (and is covered in saliva).  You'd think we were raising a puppy!  He let me count 11 teeth today and check out his swollen gums.  Ouch!  
  • By mentioning it, I know I've just jinxed myself, but his tantrums have subsided lately.  I'll be grateful for whatever reprieve we receive.
  • Connor LOVES to go to the park.  So much in fact, that we have to spell the word if we mention it in his presence.  Can't go getting his hopes up on a rainy day.  When we ask him if he wants to go to the park, the sad thing is that he motions about hitting his head... because he frequently tumbles there and at some point is in tears.  But, he still loves to go, especially with Daddy!  What are we going to do when it's covered with snow??
  • Brian works from home, when he's not traveling, so periodically during the day, we'll stop by the "office" to say hi.  Typically, he's on a conference call, so we just pop the door open quickly to get a smile and a wave, and blow a few kisses.  Connor knows that we're supposed to be quiet when we're near Daddy in the office, so he'll put his finger to his lips and say, "Shhh." But, then he follows that motion with a shriek and a giggle, throwing quiet out the window.  It's funny how predictable he's become - it's his "thing" now to ruin the silence. 
  • I've noticed that when Connor gets to watch one of his shows, he likes to take objects that match the show with him to his bean bag chair.  So, if it's Yo Gabba Gabba, he grabs some YGG game pieces... if it's Sesame Street, it's an Elmo book or Elmo doll.  Once in his chair, throughout the show he'll kiss the object and give it loves.
  • Connor's still very much into music.  Whenever a tune strikes his fancy, he starts bobbling his head from side to side and moving his feet as fast as he can (a la Lord of the Dance).  We're working on the booty shaking to go with it.  So You Think You Can Dance here we come!
I know there's more, but I'll have to try to remember it later.
Thought the relatives and friends would enjoy a little update.  :)

Blogging's likely to be a bit sporadic over the next couple of weeks.  All by myself, because Brian's beyond buried with work, I'm trying to get Christmas shopping all done, the annual Christmas card planned and executed, plan out our annual Christmas family events, prepare and pack for our winter trip to Arizona, and figure out someone's 2nd birthday party...  plus fit in the rest of life - doctor appointments, errands, trips to the park, etc. all BEFORE Thanksgiving.  I do have plenty of pictures to share and events to journal (like E&e's trip to Chicago), that I hope to post soon, before I forget the details.  Stay tuned!

For those of you who don't follow this blog to look at pictures of my cute son, I do have a couple more printables worked up that I hope to post in the next couple of weeks.


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