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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I’ve been frustrated the last couple of weeks trying my darnedest to get a decent photo of Connor for the family Christmas card. 

I knew I couldn’t top last year’s card, but I just needed something I could work with.  Even the outtakes from last year’s Christmas card photo shoot were better than anything I’ve been capturing of Connor lately.  Yep, I hit the jackpot of cuteness in 2009!

We’ve attempted a couple of impromptu photo shoots here at home, but no dice.  Nothing that I was in love with anyway.

Last night, we decided to take Connor to meet Santa… to sit on his knee and meet him face-to-face.  Bass Pro Shops does a great Santa’s Wonderland for kids, and it’s all free, including the photo with Santa.  Not only did we want the memory, but I needed that Christmas card photo, dangit!

Connor + crowds = a no-go, so we figured the earlier the better…  a Tuesday night in mid-November, right when Santa’s Wonderland opened for the day, was our best bet.

Connor did alright. 

Santa was awesome and even let us come back a second time and skip the line.

myimagedownload.2Won’t look at the camera…

DSC02743.2The obligatory melt-down.  ;)

myimagedownload (1).2The best shot of the night.  :(


Right before I hit ‘publish’ I do recall the very first time Connor met Santa… in the NICU.  One of the neonatologists dresses up each December and they take photos for the parents.  This snapshot was my surprise, inside a card, on Christmas Day, 2008 – probably my favorite present that year.

Connor meeting Santa in the NICU - 12.17.08Check out the board to see his weight that day (just 1 day old) – 1070 grams or 2.36 pounds!

(P.S.  I just barely completed and ordered the Christmas cards for this year…{whew!}  Crossing my fingers that Vistaprint is the answer this year – Self-designed front&back, cardstock flat cards + envelopes + self-designed address labels = about $0.80/card.  Pretty good deal, no?  Connor’s photo is not great, but it’ll do.  Beggars can’t be choosers, right??  I’ll post it here on the blog after I get them mailed out. :)signature5


Heidi said...

I'm just impressed you're thinking so far ahead! I think every kid goes through a "refusal to be photogenic" stage!

Rachel said...

Every kid needs the bawling on Santas lap picture:)

Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

OK, those pictures with Santa are classic!! Connor is looking like such a big boy, and so cute! And...I ordered address labels on Vistaprint this year too, in fact just got them in the mail today. I think they turned out cute! I'm now anxious to get yours in the mail; i'm sure it's darling.

Rob and Sara said...

I vote for the melt down picture. Too cute!
I love your blog - especially all the printables!

Heather Vincent said...

I just saw your blog on Megan B's blog. My little Paizlei was born the day after your Connor. She was in the NICU with Crew at UVRMC. I have a similar picture of Paizlei in the NICU with Santa. We were very lucky with Paizlei, she was 2 months early, had a brain hemmorhage and just had to learn how to eat. It's really neat to see where NICU babies are now and how they have progressed.

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