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Friday, October 08, 2010


I am not a fan of drop-ins.  There, I said it.  (Honestly, who is?)  As ornery as that might sound, it’s the truth. 
I’m only ever presentable when I know I’m going out, or when I’m expecting company.  And if I’m not presentable, I really doubt my house is presentable, either.  Don’t get me wrong… I love having people over, but not when I’ve been battling projectile vomit all day and haven’t had a chance to shower yet. 
I’ve also noticed that when you’re expecting someone, they typically knock… no doorbell.  But, if they’re dropping by unannounced, the doorbell is used almost every single time.  Ringing my doorbell during naptime is a death wish, especially if you’re trying to sell me something.  (And if you are trying to sell me something, I hope you’re really cute and less than 5 feet tall… because I’ll probably buy it.  I’m a sucker that way.)
You wake up my kid, and you’ve robbed me of my only free time for the day.
After a naptime that lasted only 30 minutes one day, thanks to an unexpected ring of the doorbell, I decided that it was time to post a sign.
Shh... Sign - IMAGEThis sign is nothing fancy, no big deal.  But when you’re talking about precious moments kid-free that save your sanity (aka naptime), just the idea of it can be exciting!  (BTW, I almost added: “By Appointment Only” to the sign, but thought that would be too un-neighborly of me.  ;)
I’ve had my sign up for just a couple of days.  So far:
  • UPS driver didn’t even bother to ding dong ditch.  Just left the package on the doorstep, thank you very much.
  • Pizza delivery man lightly knocked, and apologized if he had woken the baby (it was 6:30pm).
  • Teenage hooligan (I’m old enough to use that word, right?) held down the doorbell at 8:00pm.  Wanted to sell me some nasty looking chocolate bars to help keep kids like himself off the street.  Was texting the entire time he was talking to me.  I asked him if he had noticed the sign about “No Soliciting”.  He told me he couldn’t read, and he was still texting.
The original images are sized at 4” x 3.5”, and available in a variety of colors, as usual.  Laminate it, mod-podge it, tape it inside a window or directly over the doorbell – whatever works for your front door. 
To download the file(s) of your choice, click on the collage image above and you’ll be directed to their 4shared locations.

*** UPDATED 06/26/12 ***
New download location for these images is here 

Hope this makes your naptimes a little longer and quieter!


Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Great sign. Makes me happy to be down a long driveway with a gate at the street.
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Romaine said...

Aimee-my kidlets are beyond this, but I have 2 friends w/ new babes that I think that I will make these for! If I do, I plan to link back to you! Thanks! :0)

Rachel said...

I love that he can text, but he can't read?

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

OMG YOU are too funny.. I love it.. it was if i wrote this post myself! haha I am THE SAME way. :) And im glad im not alone. My husband is always like.. well why dont you just get ready in the morning like everyone else.. and Im like ok mr sleeps in until 9:30! When you wake up early (6AM) just to get one child ready for school and take her to the bus stop, and also make breakfast for the 4 and 1 year old, then clean up their messes, and do the dishes, and put away laundry and all the other stuff I do all day.. then sure I will gladly spend some much needed me time taking care of myself to be presentable at a decent hour, instead of scrambling to get ready when someone shows up unannounced, or you want to go do something spur of the moment. LOL (im a planner so I like to prepare) ANYWHOOOO... let me step of my ranting box and calm down now.. haha
I also cant figure out why everyone has to use the doorbell.. and yes it always seems to be when the kids are napping.. grr.. its precious time people! COME ON! LOL

haha.. Thanks for the sign. Why hadnt I thought of that before? :)

I am Nicole... said...

Wonderful! Applause! Standing Ovation! Thank you! Bless You! LOVE!

Kathy said...

My Thoughts exactly!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Jacque said...

You know, I'm exactly the same way! It really really irritates the crap out of me, when I just get my girls down for a nap and then someone comes over and rings the doorbell unannounced and/or uninvited. It is rather frustrating. I know this sounds so bad, but I would love to post a sign on my door that says "GO AWAY!" haha. Most of the time it's a solicitor or someone from my church. And I'm somewhat "in-active", so they think they're being kind by stopping by. When really, if you are waking up my kids you are messing with a RAGING mother rampage!
You also have a point, when you are a stay-at-home-mom... Most of the time, you are LUCKY if you even get 10 minutes or so to get in the shower each day. AND yeah you might have cleaned up the house, but when you have a two year old... your house is gonna be a FREAKIN' MESS! Believe me, I know it! My daughter is 2 and she runs a muck! Anyway, I appreciate your honesty in your post. I darn-well enjoyed it, because I totally AGREE with you 100 and 10%!

Jacque @ Jacque's Soda Parlor

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