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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Life with Connor

DSC02406.2…is nose-pickin’ good! – October 9, 2010

It’s been awhile since our last update…

DSC02163.2Currently at 22 months, Connor is measuring at 31.5” tall and around 22.5-23 lbs.  When I took him to his pediatrician’s office for his flu shot, I insisted that we do a quick weight check on him… to see if the chocolate pudding he loves so much was having any effect on his waistline.  The doctor came running into the exam room, waving his growth chart, all excited because Connor was finally on the charts for his unadjusted age! 

DSC02393.2October 9, 2010

DSC02386.2We are working hard to wean Connor from his pureed baby food, but he doesn’t want much to do with many adult foods.  Textures are still a bit difficult for him, and if we push too much, then he ends up puking everything up… and we’re back at square one with an empty belly and a kid who doesn’t want to eat any more.  He pretty much rocks snacks and whatever scraps we’re willing to feed him from our plates.  We’re also happy to report that we’ve got constipation drama behind us, for the most part, as long as we moderate his diet a bit, and encourage him to drink fluids whenever possible.  Overstimulation is also a factor, so we watch that, too.   

Physical Therapy with Lysa - October 8, 2010

Connor has practically graduated from his physical therapy, now that he’s walking.  We’ll go back in for a follow-up evaluation/testing in January.  We’re so happy with how far he’s come, and credit finally finding our groove with his gross motor skills to his PT, Lysa.  (We were shuffled around a lot before finally landing the wonderful Lysa as his PT, and it’s been smooth sailing for Connor ever since.)

DSC02398.2October 9, 2010

That’s right, our little bugger is walking… all over the place… and climbing… and forcing us to redecorate the house every.single.day.  He’s getting more confident by the minute, and it won’t be long before he starts adding speed to his repertoire – watch out world! 

DSC02199.2Little DESTRUCTO, chaos in his wake – September 27, 2010

Connor’s definitely beginning to show his age – nearly TWO.  He’s constantly pushing his boundaries and Mommy to the limit.  He’s pretty feisty, but luckily is still easily distracted. 

Evolution of a tantrum - September 24, 2010  DSC02375.2October 9, 2010

DSC02186.2Preemies are commonly encouraged to stay out of harm’s way during winter, until their 2nd birthday.  On the advice of Connor’s doctors, we plan to repeat our hibernation this winter.  We’re not thrilled about the prospect of being mostly housebound once again, because it feels like we barely got ramped up and out & about, but if it keeps him healthier and out of thDSC02189.2e hospital, we’ll do whatever it takes.  We consider ourselves so fortunate to have not had a hospital stay with Connor since his discharge from the NICU, especially after being warned by so many of his doctors to expect at least one or more.

Both Connor and I have been battling a pesky head cold for the past week… and we can’t wait to be snot-free!  Having to keep him inside the past few days has foreshadowed how difficult it’s going to be this winter – he’s a busy, busy boy who loves to be outside.

Connor hearts the park - Fall 2010     DSC02241.2Sleepy face – October 1, 2010

DSC02401.2Connor is at such a fun stage right now!  He loves to be praised for being a good boy or a good helper.  He’s working so hard on his vocabulary, and is learning new words every day.  Now that his learning to walk stage is nearly behind him, we’ve noticed rapid change in his speech abilities just in the last 2 weeks.  His neurologist recently recommended speech therapy, but for now we’re going to follow our own instincts and see what he can accomplish on his own.  We might change our minds come the new year, but for now, Connor (& Mommy) needs a little break from all the intrusion.  Intervention for these little ones is great, but sometimes it just becomes too much, and most of all we want to see what Connor can do on his own, with just our help.

His First Shiner - October 1, 2010Connor loves going down the slides at the park.  But, he’s not always good about keeping his feet off the slide while he goes down… so on this day, he got in a tussle with the hard slide – and the slide won.  Lots of tears and whimpers at the park, and the next morning his black eye appeared.  Poor little guy!

DSC02409.2Currently, Connor is obsessed with bath time.  As soon as he notices it getting dark outside, he starts repeating, “bath, bath, bath”.  We put him off until dinnertime, but there is no deviating from the schedule as soon as dinner is over.  He must have his bath immediately!  Then, he tolerates getting dressed and ready for bed, gulps down a bottle while watching a rationed episode of “Yo Gabba Gabba”, squirms during prayers, and dives for his crib mattress to go to sleep.  He’s so good about going to sleep at night (as long as he’s in his own space), we consider ourselves very lucky.  I won’t even try to make you jealous by mentioning that he’s down between 8-8:30pm and doesn’t get up in the morning until 9am.  (Nap time during the day averages about 90 minutes.)  For now, with the sleeping in, it’s wonderful!!


  September 28, 2010

DSC02370.2“TOUCHDOWN!” – October 9, 2010

Funny Faces - Sept-Oct 2010

Connor loves to be affectionate right now – he blows kisses to the cashiers, gives hugs with squeezes and pats on the back, and can’t see a Sesame Street pal without offering them a kiss.  He’s beyond adorable and it’s an absolute joy having him as our son!

DSC02397.2  October 9, 2010



Yoana (Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant) said...

I just love that nose picking picture! :-)

Audrey said...

We've had the EXACT SAME issue with Darbi's speech!! After she started walking, her speech just took off! Literally, the last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of Darbi learning new words and repeating everything we ask her to. It's awesome!! I need to blog it all.. Clint had sinus surgery last Friday and both him and D have the stomach flu right now. My blog is a little sad right now...

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