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Monday, October 18, 2010

In the home stretch

DSC02439.2We’re nearly there…  just 2 more wall anchors for the piece above the bed and a little enhancing of the lampshades… and the master bedroom re-do will be done. 

Besides choosing the furniture, the creating of the collage wall has been the most fun, but an involved process.  Kudos to my wonderful husband who helped me install the 15 pieces just a couple of hours before his flight to London.  (I know he would have rather been relaxing, but he was sweet enough to indulge me.) 

The wall I needed to fill was a pretty long one (between the door to the bedroom and the master bath), and visible from the hallway.  The frames vary in size between 3.5x5” to 11x18” – so nothing very large, but a large quantity of smaller items.  Several of the frames are shadowboxes or similar depth, which adds more interest to the wall.  We hung the pieces using both nails and Command Picture Hanging Strips.

collage wall

This theme of the wall is all about us, our marriage, and our family.  A few highlights:

  1. Box Sign – I found ours at a small boutique in Long Grove, but I recently saw the entire collection here.  LOVE this!
  2. Name Sign – I found this idea here, but varied ours by keeping “Sprik” and “Est 2005” on 2 separate lines, then resized it to fit a 5x7” matted opening.
  3. Free Printable Art – various pieces on the wall, mostly found at Feed Your Soul.
  4. Purchased Art – various pieces on the wall from our travels, or items that signify our life together (Etsy was a great source).
  5. Photo of our Home – a picture of our current house, our first home together… a tradition I plan to continue through the years.
  6. Silhouette of Connormade with Uncle Scott’s help.
  7. Wedding Shadowbox – I made this years ago as a way to display our wedding announcement, a mini version of my bouquet, and a few wedding photos.  I love it even more now that it’s not floating on this wall all by itself.

The collage wall has really transformed the room, and it’s been catching both my attention and Connor’s, every time we pass by.  I love it!

We’re so close to being finished with this Master Bedroom Re-do, I can taste it!  It’s amazing how losing the IKEA apartment furniture and decor you’ve had since before you were married can make you feel like a grown-up!



Hayley said...

love this! you are so creative!!! i'm so impressed.

makes me miss home - seeing long grove reminders. right now i'd love to go get some apple cider and walk around there.

Jamiesquared said...

I found this on Pinterest- how long is this full display? :)

Aimee said...

It's about 6' wide.

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