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Thursday, October 07, 2010

2010 NICU Reunion

DSC02293.2Just stylin’…  Connor in his Halloween “costume” at the reunion.  Since it was dang chilly out, and he was sporting his first black eye (another post)…  meet our PRIZE FIGHTER!  (We opted for warmth this year – last time we were more clever.)
Blackberry Farm
This year’s event was held at Blackberry Farm.  Even though the temps were low, we loved being outside, enjoying the beautiful fall colors (Chicago is gorgeous this time of year).  The venue was perfect – not only could you participate in activities offered at Blackberry Farm (carousel, train ride, hayrides, etc), but the hospital also set up some fun games and crafts for the kids to enjoy.  Free samples and coupons for Pediasure didn’t hurt either.  :)
NICU Reunion
The photo in the bottom left corner cracks me up!  We’ve recently taught Connor “touch down”… and apparently he recognizes the movement as a cheer.  While watching other kids play the bean bag games (which was probably his favorite part of the whole day), we noticed that Connor would raise both arms (TOUCH DOWN!) each time a bean bag was thrown… it was the funniest thing!  He cried when we pulled him away from the action to mingle with other families.
Connor had a fun time walking around, interacting with the other kids, and just people watching.  He DID NOT enjoy the carousel ride, and refused to sit on a horse… so, that’s us (middle left photo), on a bench, going ‘round and ‘round.
   Dr. Ahmed
Oh, how we love Dr. Ahmed!  (He’s one of our favorite neonatologists and took amazing care of Connor during his NICU-stay.)  We tried to get Connor to show off his walking skills, but he was a bit unsure of himself on the uneven ground. 
Another highlight was catching up with the Nelsons.  Their daughter, Natalie, was Connor’s longest-term neighbor in the NICU.  Fifteen months ago, we got the two of them together…
  Preemie Pals - July 2009
…and look at them now!  Too, too cute.  :)
Watch Connor attempt to make it to first base…


What a fun way to spend a fall afternoon! 

Much thanks and appreciation to the NICU staff for pulling together such a great event each year.  We so enjoyed seeing those nurses, doctors, and staff that we don’t get to see on a regular basis.  Their tireless efforts during Connor’s first 4 months helped us to get where we are today.

DSC02312.2Baby steps.



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