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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Forever young

It’s just about a week until my birthday…  boo.

And, as if I didn’t need another reminder for just how old I am, I found an old high school class photo the other night, and thought it would be fun to post on Facebook.

However, Facebook only enlarges the images so big, and my senior class was large – 711 of us, I think? (That number seems familiar, but honestly, I don’t remember anymore.)

Here’s the sea of faces… the Klein High School Class of 1993:

KHS Class of 1993

Posting these photos here for my fellow classmates to browse… if you click on the photo, it will be viewable in its larger, original size.

Here are the individual scans, before I “stitched” them together to make the panoramic:

KHS Class of 1993 - 1 KHS Class of 1993 - 2 KHS Class of 1993 - 3 KHS Class of 1993 - 4 KHS Class of 1993 - 5

This has been rolled in a cardboard tube for the last 17 years… {gasp} has it really been that long??… hence, the blurriness on the edges of the images above.

Enjoy, my fellow Bearkats!signature5


Liz said...

I found this blog through some other blog (probably a baking one) but how bizarre - I went to Westfield HS. I didn't graduate in '93 but still bizarre in itself. Happy early birthday.

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