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Friday, August 13, 2010

The silence...

...on the blog isn't intentional, promise. 
Just still working on Connor's book. 

To put a positive spin on it, I'm referring to it as his Baby Book. 
The book that I will have complete and in my hands by the time he's 20.5 months old.  
(Which is way quicker than I ever expected... had I scrapbooked it.) 

I only have 12 more pages, 2 more posts, and 48 more pictures to fit into it.
I'm not sure how many pictures or posts so far, but the book will be right around 200 pages by the time I'm done. 
Then I'll just have some final revising and formatting.  {sigh.} 

Had I known I would spend this many hours on it, I probably would have decided the $40 credit wasn't worth the cramming and the late hours, and just worked on it more leisurely... like over the course of a year!

It's 4:00 AM, and I'm just now going to crawl into bed.
I've kept crazy hours like this for too long and it's about to kill me.
I'm a walking zombie these days, no joke.  :(

But, I'm almost DONE!
So close I can practically taste it.

I'll be back soon...


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