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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our little Con-man

DSC01670.2Imma let you finish, but it’s been way too long since Momma blogged about ME!!!” – August 7, 2010

Figured it was about time more pictures were posted of Connor… can’t have the extended family getting anxious!

Connor’s officially 20 months old!  I don’t have any stats, but he’s definitely growing.  :)

We don’t have a ton to report with this update.  Brian’s been traveling A TON and I’m doing my best to stay sane.

DSC01960.2We’ve been working hard, trying to get Connor to stand, and become confident in his balancing abilities.  At one of our recent physical therapy appointments, his PT gave us this “girdle” for Connor to wear.  As you can see, it’s his favorite thing.  Combine this with wearing his shoes, and it’s all supposed to make him feel more weighted down and aware of his core.  Little by little, it does seem to be helping! 



Standing! - August 23, 2010

While he may not be walking by the end of summer like we hoped, he’s getting there!  We’ll shoot for the end of fall, before he turns 2.  :)

We’re slowly changing our bad habit of eating in front of the TV (yes, Brian, we’re going to start working on that ;), but when there’s food on my plate I can share with Connor… and it’s just me & him at home, I’ll eat in the family room.  Connor’s newest thing lately, besides eating whatever I’m eating, is to be a napkin thief!  It’s a funny game he plays now, where he’ll spot the napkin on the end table, sneak up to it, snatch it and cruise/run away as fast as he can.  He’ll then go to the other end of the room, rip the napkin to shreds… and bring it back to you, piece by piece.  He’s a funny little boy!

DSC01740.2{Wink!} – August 17, 2010

Now, the rest of the pictures…

Scenes from a high chair - August 2010

Daddy's Birthday Dinner at Aurelio's - August 7, 2010  DSC01892.2LOVES to play Baby Smash! – August 20, 2010

Fun - August 17, 2010Working hard on his gross motor skills…

Perfect Hiding Spot - August 7, 2010

DSC01767.2Teeth!  He’s got 4 molars & 4-5 other teeth cutting. – August 17, 2010 

Tickle game - August 2010New favorite game!

DSC01981.2August 24, 2010

First trip to the PARK! - August 7, 2010  New Haircut - August 23, 2010    DSC01944.2Mesmerizing. – August 23, 2010 



Sassy Sites! said...

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tiburon said...

I can't get over how big he is getting! And that last picture is just stunning. Those eyes are amazing :)

malia said...

so dang cute! and you are such a good mama to document this precious time

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