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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hip hip hooray!

It's done. It’s done. IT'S REALLY, REALLY DONE!

And I think I'm in shock.

Probably wasn’t the wisest thing to upload the finished product tonight and place my order after 1am, but I want to wake up in the morning knowing IT’S DONE.

I finished creating Connor’s First Year book with Blurb in the wee morning hours of August 14th, and I’ve spent the last week and a half casually tweaking and proof-reading it. 


  • Total size of Blurb file – 309.4 MB
  • Photos – 530
  • Pages – 198
  • Upload time – surprisingly only 16 minutes
  • Hours of labor – way too many to count
  • Heart attacks – 1 (yesterday, when the software wouldn’t load no matter what I tried, and I feared my efforts were all for naught)
  • Total savings – $39.95 (thanks to generous coupon code)
  • Final cost – $27.99 (which includes ground shipping)
  • Total value – PRICELESS (I hope!)

Click below to preview the final version, if you’d like. 

(If any family members are interested in purchasing their own copies, just click on the ‘BUY” icon above.)

My experience with Blurb so far has been okay…  the interface (BookSmart) was relatively easy to use and figure out, this project just took forever.  Way longer than I anticipated – which is likely a combination of my need for it to be as perfect as possible, and slow, clunky software.  Honestly, I would’ve been better off designing my pages in Word and then finding a book printer who would create a book from PDFs.  (Word likely would’ve taken me less than half the time Blurb did.)

Was it worth all the cramming to meet the coupon deadline of August 31st?  At this point in time, no – $40 was not worth the constant headache (neck- and shoulder-ache) I’ve had for the last several weeks.  About 3/4 of the way through this process, it dawned on zombie-like me that I was losing all this sleep over a measly $40.  In retrospect, I should have completed the book without the deadline, and waited for the next great coupon deal to be offered.

Anyway, blah…blah…blah.  I’m posting all of this just in case someone out there is wondering if they should try their hands at turning their blog into a book… and if Blurb is the service for them.  (Ask me how I feel about it a week or so from now, when I’ve got the finished product in my hands, and I’ve forgotten all about the process to get it there!)  With so much of Connor’s 1st year documented on the blog, this was the best way for me to capture it all… a modern baby book that I hope will be around for generations to come. signature5


tiburon said...

So glad you were able to get it all finished. I bet you are relieved!

Megan B ♥ said...

Congrats!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!

Scott said...

After you get your copy and see it lemme know if you made any revisions and upload a new edition THEN I'll buy one.

Sassy Sites! said...

Thanks for stopping by Sassy Sites and joining in on the party! Your blog is adorable! Happy Friday to YOU!! :)

Karen T said...

I made a blog book on Blurb a year ago and found it somewhat difficult. I agree with you about wishing I could put the pages together myself and upload them as PDFs. The thing that brought me to Blurb was the attraction of having it pull the info from my blog, but it really wasn't that simple at all. Although I cherish the book I made, I hope I will be able to find a better way for the book I want to put together this time.

Grandma Sprik said...

Aimee -
This is a truly amazing feat of love and technology. I can't believe how creative you are! I can't wait to see the entire book for real and not on the computer. What a treasure for Connor when he gets older.

Thanks for being such a great mom, wife and "daughter". Connor never would have made the progress he has without you and Brian.

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