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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Brief Bits

Here's a quick round-up of what I've found on the web recently that got my creative juices flowin':

1.  From Pioneer Woman - Raspberry Cream Pie
My oh my!  This looks divine... she had me at Oreo crust.

2.  From Giver's Log - Glow Cones I & II
Such a fun summer night activity!  Glow rings and flavored ice... love it!  Would make for a great camping-in-the-backyard activity.

3.  From Our Humble Abode - Kids' Canvas Art
Love this idea of permanent finger painting turned wall art.  Definitely want to commission some Connor creations in the near future!

4.  From Crap I've Made - Flat Iron Travel Pouch Tutorial
Oh, how I could use one of these!  Bags can't get packed until that blasted flat iron cools down... so something like this would totally speed up my getting-out-the-door-to-travel routine.

5.  From Bare Feet on the Dashboard - Doily Wall Art
Love this idea to take ordinary, retro doilies and turn them into modern, graphic wall art.  An inexpensive project, too.

6.  From Clean Mama - Freezer Inventory
I'm sure I'm not the only one with a black hole in her freezer.  It's fairly organized, but I can never remember day-to-day or month-to-month or year-to-year {gasp!} what's inside.  I've tried just keeping a list, but it gets written up and never revised.  Seeing this idea of hanging a simple white board alongside your freezer was a light bulb moment for me!  Target, here I come...

7.  From Tasty Kitchen - Lazy Chicken
I like the name of this one!  I liked it even more when I saw that you can start with frozen chicken breasts... that's my kind of cooking - no thawing necessary.  Yum!

8.  From Penny Carnival - Book Sling
Right now, Connor has a couple of small board books in his crib.  This gives him something to do, to keep from getting too bored, when he's up at gosh-awful hours.  I really like this idea of book storage to hang on the side of a child's bed... so clever!

9.  From eighteen25 - Clock Collection
I'm a big fan of interesting clusters on the wall... and I really like her idea of clocks.  Sure, it'd be a pain once daylight savings time comes, but I think it would look so awesome, it would all be worth it!  I could even see this going up a stairwell, too...  hmmm....

10.  Baby Smash!
There are programs you can shell out $20+ for that will do the same thing...  but this one is free.  FREE!  Connor is obsessed with anything electronic and all things with buttons, so the computer is one expensive magnet that draws him in.  Occasionally, we'll indulge him and fire up Baby Smash - he gets to pound on the keyboard, and the computer and its priceless files stay intact.  Check it out!

11.  From Petit Elefant - Frozen Grape Snack
I purchased green grapes this week, just so I could give it a try.  Sounds so refreshing!

12.  From Little Miss Momma - Button Headband Tutorial
Such a cute idea!  A nice alternative to hair clips... love it!

13.  From Creations by Kara - Chili's Monterey Chicken
I haven't tried this dish at Chili's myself, but just from the looks of the recipe, I bet it's delicious!

14.  From Ruffled - Printable Alphabet Bunting
I've been wanting to make a fabric bunting for like ever.  But, no time with a toddler... and my mother hasn't taken enough pity on me yet.  ;)  Check out this adorable free printable!  This will definitely satisfy my taste for a bunting... for at least a little while.  

15.  From Little Birdie Secrets - Eclair Dessert
This looks scrumptious... and so easy, too!  I'll definitely be giving this one a try.

So, there you have it... 15 great finds. I hope something here inspires you, too!

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Brandy@YDK said...

that baby smash thing is totally freakin awesome!

Clean Mama said...

Thank you so much for the feature! What a great blog :)

Unknown said...

thank you so much, aimee! i'm following you now. :)

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Aw, thanks for the mention!

Mindy said...

Thanks so much for the little shout out, Aimee! Your blog is so cute!

Mindy said...

by the way... I'm also LDS and the mom of two preemies! Lets be friends! :)

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