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Monday, June 21, 2010

A work in progress

In January of this year, we decided it was time to upgrade our IKEA bedroom furniture.  It just wasn’t working for us anymore… my dresser was broken beyond repair, our nightstands were ridiculously small… and, we were tired of the “college-look”. 

So, a-furniture-shopping we did go! 

After a couple of weeks of intense searching, we decided upon a gorgeous set – bed, nightstands, and a large dresser we would share.  We had only seen this set in a showroom catalog, but were confident in the quality of the manufacturer.  Our order was placed, and we were especially happy to have bought it on sale.  Then, we patiently waited. 

stanley=crap Several weeks later, our dresser had arrived in the warehouse, and we heard that the nightstands were on their way.  Five weeks into our order, we received notice that the manufacturer was no longer going to make the bed we had ordered.  Period.  Not a chance of receiving the bed that matched the dresser and nightstands already made.  Five weeks into our order. Needless to say, we cancelled the entire thing… and begrudgingly started back on square one.

The second time around, we knew we had to look somewhere new and fresh… so we stopped by the stores we thought we couldn’t afford, naturally.  And we fell in love with a new set!  Lucky for us, it was on sale… and at the sale price, it was barely within our budget.  They also said we could expect our new furniture to arrive within 4-6 weeks.

We were happy and relieved…  maybe this stupid saga of re-doing the bedroom would be over soon, after all.

Ha. ha.

Now I will rant: 

The dresser arrived 7 weeks after we placed our order.  The nightstands at 14 weeks.  And the bed?  STILL.NOT.HERE.  We’re at 16 weeks and counting…  it’s beyond ridicurous.  To ease our anguish, we were given a 3.7% discount on our order.  (Which was actually kind of insulting more than anything.) 

We purchased this furniture direct from a national retailer… when it was ON SALE, even posted in a print advertisement… and the exact furniture we wanted was displayed on their showroom floor – right inside the front door.  We’ve spent hours on the phone trying to get a current status on it.  We’ve been lied to about multiple phone calls made to us and voicemails left for us that never happened.  We even stopped by the showroom one day (around the 13-week mark) to make them tell us face-to-face that the bed hadn’t even been made yet.  Their only excuse for the delay (after we were told 4-6 weeks when we ordered it) was that we had ordered “custom” furniture.  What the what????  That’s their flimsy excuse.  IMO, “custom” furniture is a unique piece… hard to find another with that same combination… NOT a REPLICA of a piece displayed in EVERY store’s showroom across America. 

The sad thing is that I’m emotionally attached to this furniture.  This is the exact style of bed I wanted.  The one we were searching for even the first time around.  Sure, we could cancel it, make them come get the dresser and nightstands, and refund our money…  but then where would we be??  I hate square one.

This is stupid, I know.  They’re just material objects, I know.  There are bigger things in the world to worry about, I know.  I just want the d%$#! bed already so I can move on to more important things.

My fingers are loosely crossed at the moment that the bed might be delivered this weekend… I just can’t hold my breath any longer.

EDITED TO ADD:  Well, we were lied to (strong word, but that’s the truth) once again.  Called the warehouse scheduler directly only to learn the bed is still on a truck somewhere in America.  Now we’ll be lucky to have it in our home before the holiday weekend.  Which will put it at the 18-week mark.  {boo.hiss.}

End rant.

Anyway… on to a sneak peek!

I’ve mentioned before that we’ve been working on this for awhile, and the pieces are slowly coming together.  I hate having projects that take this long.  I can easily lose interest and move onto something else, making due with the current state of things.  But, when you sell nearly all of your old bedroom furniture in one weekend on Craigslist, and your nightstands become a TV tray and a plastic tub, you have to hang in there.

Master Bedroom Re-Do 2010

Like I mentioned, we have a portion of the furniture already.  Waiting on the bed, and a chair will hopefully be ordered in a few weeks.  The bedding was decided upon and purchased back during the first furniture order… I love it, and can’t wait to see it on the bed.  {sigh.}  The lamps and most of the accessories are made/purchased and in place.  All that’s left are the walls – need to order the scroll piece for over the bed, make the doormat stencil project for one wall, and complete the picture wall for another (something like this). 

Once everything is complete and in place, I’ll post photos, of course. 

Hopefully before the summer is through!signature5


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