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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Say Cheese!

Ultimately, I wanted to have a cluster of pictures on the wall documenting the growth of my son over his first 2-3 years.  Based on price and convenience alone, I chose Target Portrait Studios.  We’ll be sticking with them for consistency’s sake.  :S

I do realize that you get what you pay for… but, seriously?!?  (See his 6-mo shoot and his 12-mo. shoot.)  Ugh.  It’s a good thing we think he’s one cute kid!

Here’s what Target and Connor’s temperament produced this afternoon at his 18-mo. shoot… for the record, I hate the props (these are from the freebie proofs you can download online, so the quality is below sub-par):

  losers1  Latest Blog Pics21  Latest Blog Pics31  Latest Blog Pics41  Latest Blog Pics51  Latest Blog Pics6



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If you’re on the “distribution list”, your prints will be delivered to you in the next few weeks.





Christy said...

He makes the cutest faces!!! Seriously, all the pictures are cute!

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