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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brief Bits

It's been awhile since I did a "Brief Bits" post...  so I've narrowed it down to my top 19!  (Random number, yes.)  Here's a quick round-up of what I've found on the web this last while that got my creative juices flowin':

1.  From Clean Mama - Summer Fun Container
I love the concept of this idea...  having a container/envelope/list to choose daily "fun" activities from.  The surprise that would be "what are we going to do today?" is so fun!  I really want Connor to have fond memories of his childhood... full of fun and adventures.  And because I need to say it one more time... FUN! 

2.  From Picky Palate - Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate chip cookies... made with ICE CREAM!  Sounds delicious.

3.  From Sutton Grace - Infant Seat Canopy Cover
I would have LOVED to have one of these when Connor was still in his infant seat!  Blankets draped over the top don't stay there, and with a preemie or any little baby, the last thing you want is to encourage strangers to breathe on them.  This would make a great baby gift, too.  Her tutorial looks really easy to follow... maybe, just maybe....

4.  From Just Cook Already - Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Bars
Love me a bar cookie... YUM!

5.  From Living With Punks - Land of Nod Inspired Floor Cushion
I love this... the perfect spot for a kid to sit!  I've actually considered buying something like this for Connor.  She posts a very thorough tutorial, too.  Just wish I was able to sew this with my currently non-existent sewing skills.  Isn't it great how I post so many incredible gift ideas for Grandma Rogers to choose from??  ;)

6.  From Cocoa Daisy - Ali's Artist Tray
This is tops on my wish list right now!!  Remember when I included Ali Edward's Photo Type Case on a previous Brief Bits post?  For $67.95, they send you all of the pieces to make this unique wall hanging for your own family (you supply your own photos, of course) designed by Ali Edwards.  {sigh.}   

7.  From Make It and Love It - Flower Wall Hanging
I really like the graphic-ness of this idea...  a great piece for any little spot in your home.  Nice tutorial, too.

8.  From Little Miss Momma - Button Headband Tutorial
I've never been a big headband wearer, but after seeing this idea, I'm rethinking my whole position on headbands.  So cute!

9.  From Ohdeedoh - Wet Sidewalk Chalk
I've never heard of this before, but apparently soaking your sidewalk chalk in water overnight gives the chalk a more velvety texture and makes the colors more vibrant.  Going to have to remember this one for next summer...

10.  From Make it Do - Gorgonzola Pear Salad
This is the time of year I could eat a salad every day... but only if they're as delicious as this one looks!

11.  From Our Best Bites - How to Pick and Cut a Watermelon & From The How-To Gal - How To Pick Out a Perfect Watermelon
Summertime = Watermelon!  I still have to remind myself that there's more to picking out a good watermelon than knocking on them in the produce department.  Both these posts had easy-to-remember tips.  Plus, Our Best Bites describes how to cut that melon into perfect little cubes... I'll have to give that a try!

12.  From Noodlehead - Dishmats
Maybe I'd feel like washing dishes more often if I had a pretty dishmat to dry them on, versus a boring old dishtowel.  I actually really like this idea, plus it'd be a lot more absorbent than the towels I own.

13.  From Lifehacker - Soak Onions in Water for Tear-Free Cutting
I've posted previously about how onions and I just don't get along...  I'm definitely going to give this tip a try the next time a recipe calls for them.

14.  From Caryn Said Yes - Collage of Emotions
I thought this was a fun idea to do with photos of your kids... a neat way to capture all of those silly and not-so-silly faces.

15.  From Make It and Love It - Ruffled Shower Curtain
One of these days, my guest bathroom/kids' bathroom is going to get a makeover...  I really liked her idea here - just a little frill, but not too much.

16.  From Alphamom - Father's Day Gift for Your Superhero
A fantastic and super-clever idea for Father's Day!  Plus she offers up free printables of the labels on each item, so you can make your own!  Love it!

17.  From The How-To Gal - Gorgeous Flower DIY Tutorials
Here's a great round-up of some "grown-up" handmade flower tutorials... serious ones.  And they're gorgeous.

18.  From The Cook Next Door - Chicken Tortilla Soup
As soon as fall hits here, this recipe will be moving to the top of my gotta-try-it list.  Looks sooo good!

19.  From Blue Cricket Design - Framed Mirror
Another idea to file away for that bathroom makeover... a great tutorial for finishing off that plain mirror in the bathroom with a little bit of molding and a mitre box{Note to self:  learn how to use a mitre box.}

Well, there you have it... 19 great finds.  I hope something here inspires you, too!


Teachinfourth said...

I think that #4 is my favorite…

Looks like we have two mutual friends in common - Tib and Cjane.

Rock on.

Hayley said...

i need to get one of those canopy covers. i think i've found one on an etsy store that has a cute print. to me, this is a must have for the upcoming winter with a little baby.

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