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Thursday, June 17, 2010

18 months old

Dear Connor,

Just 18 short months ago, you surprised your father and me with your miraculous birth, and ever since, you’ve never ceased to amaze us.

Because I don’t want to forget how fun you are at this stage:

  • You know how to give the best kisses and hugs – they’re so sweet (even the open-mouthed ones you offer)!  You’ve recently associated “love” with kisses – and it’s to die for. 
  • I don’t want to forget how you love to giggle, and are developing quite the sense of humor right now.  Sometimes, you’ll cruise on over and just start laughing out loud, for no reason, until I chime in, too. 
  • You love to be tickled, and will guffaw over the slightest touch on your back. 
  • You have to try whatever we happen to be eating, and are adorably relentless until you have a morsel of it in your mouth.  Your current favorites are yogurt, kiwis, and strawberries.  You’re getting much better about drinking fluids, and just recently figured out that the sippy cup is not the enemy. 
  • You absolutely love to go outside, and checking the mail is one of the highlights of your day. 
  • You’re just beginning to enjoy storytime… which is good, because there are a lot of books we want to read to you.
  • Baths are a special time for you and Daddy – he lets you splash and play and be silly (whereas bathtime with Mommy is all business). 
  • When you go to sleep at night (and you are such a good sleeper – nearly 12 hours every night with 2 naps during the day), it’s so funny how you “require” at least 2 binkies – one for your mouth, and one for your right hand, which you tuck behind your back. 
  • You love to play catch with Daddy – catch with Mommy doesn’t bring the same amount of giggles and joy to your face. 
  • You’re cutting at least 3 teeth at once right now, and one’s your first molar – which explains a lot about the mini tantrums and fussiness you’ve been having lately… I’ll have to remember to cut you some slack. 
  • When you’re around other kids, we love how talkative you become – you definitely want your voice to be heard.  You understand so much right now, but for some reason still insist on calling Daddy “Yayaya”.  You’ve also started “singing” lately, and new syllables come out of your mouth every day. 
  • You’ve mastered quite a few animal sounds, know how to locate several body parts, understand which room is where in the house and which toy is which, and we’re so impressed!
  • You get excited at the prospect of going shopping (probably because we still don’t take you out very much), and are such a good boy to sit so patiently in your stroller until we’re through. 
  • You have a keen eye and adoration for anything electronic… anything with buttons to push.  One of your favorite toys is the spare, battery-free TV remote, because it looks just like the one that operates the TV.  You already understand that seeing the DVR menu means that your show will come on and you shriek in excitement until it plays.  You absolutely adore “Yo Gabba Gabba”… DJ Lance is your favorite… you’d be happiest if I let you watch it all day long.  When Daddy’s working from home, you love to pop into the office to say hi… but we can’t leave until you’ve had a chance to play with the mouse. 
  • Now that you’re mobile, you’ve figured out that you can run from the camera.  So, for the next while, many of the pictures I’ll be able to get you to hold still for will happen while you’re strapped in your high chair. 
  • And how you love being mobile!  We have to make sure you’re all gated in, or not take our eyes off of you for a second, because you’re much too quick these days… and you’re not even walking yet!

There’s so much more I want to remember, I’ll have to start keeping a list.  If you would just slow down… for a few minutes…  ;)

Connor, you’re a wonder and an absolute joy!  We’re so grateful that you are our son!!

Love, Mommy & Daddy


DSC00634.2June 11, 2010

DSC00647.2Always on the move! – June 16, 2010

DSC00672.2What… doesn’t your kid kiss the TV remote, too?? – June 16, 2010

DSC00609.2Spike. – June 10, 2010

1  Latest Blog Pics7Scenes from the High Chair – June 16, 2010

DSC00674.2Taking a break from his new friend, the sippy cup. – June 16, 2010

DSC00632.2The face he gives the camera about 85% of the time now. – June 11, 2010

DSC00653.2Big, 18-month-old BOY! – June 16, 2010 signature5


Hayley said...

what a sweet, sweet post. i love the pictures. i can't help but adore his clothes and think "little boys are so fun to dress!" i really love the blue shorts and white shirt combo. classic. and perfect.

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