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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The stats of 18 months old

DSC00715.2Saw Connor’s pediatrician this morning…

At his last well-check (at 15-months) he was 19 lbs. 13 oz. and 27” tall.

His current stats:

Weight – 21 lbs. 2 oz.

Height – 30”

Head Circumference – 46.75 cm

So, for the growth charts, this puts him in:

GROWTH CHARTS Adjusted Age (15 mos.) Actual Age (18 mos.)
Weight 10th percentile 5th percentile
Height 20th percentile slightly below 5th percentile
Head Circumference 50th percentile 25th percentile

Pediatrician’s pleased, we’re pleased…  it’s all good.

For development, according to the tests the pediatrician grades on, for social/personal, fine motor, and language, he’s testing at his chronological age of 18 months.  For gross motor he tested out at 9-12 months.  {?!?!}  Whatever.  We’re seeing a PT on a regular basis, and I think Connor is doing just fine.

We have a referral to go see a pediatric dentist about his teeth coming in.  Sadly they’re stained (we hope that’s all that’s wrong with them) from the antibiotics and vitamins he’s always been on… and might be decaying from the meds.  Yay.

Next appointment with the pediatrician?  Not until he’s 2 years old.  Yay!

My friend, Teresa, who had 26-wk preemie twin boys over 10 years ago (and a full-term boy over 2 years ago), made an interesting comment the other day.  She said that when you bring a full-term infant home, that’s it… no one’s intervening, you don’t have a dozen different opinions coming in from everyone about what’s going on.  But, when you have a preemie, no matter what level of complications they endure, you have a barrage of people constantly telling you what to do, and what you’re doing wrong.

Don’t misunderstand me… I believe that the intervention can be good for the entire  family, if it helps the baby to progress.  But, with so many different opinions… it’s such an intrusion sometimes.  (And running from appointment to appointment is beyond exhausting.)  You constantly have to measure it against your own parental instinct and intuition.  It can make you so weary!

The good news is that Connor’s pediatrician is now questioning whether or not we need ongoing follow-ups with his neurologist and ophthalmologist.  Goodness knows we could certainly handle 2 more specialists off our plate!

And on that note… we’re back to our previously scheduled posts.signature5


Megan B ♥ said...

WAY TO GO, CONNOR!! And you are so right about the intervention. It's such a blessing and a curse. And I don't remember anyone ever accusing Kinley of having cerebral palsy and she was pretty dang high toned... etc.... etc...

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