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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Brief Bits

It’s been over a month since my last “Brief Bits” post, and I’ve been saving up a bunch of good things to share with you since then! I’ve got quite a few, but I’ll keep it brief. Here’s a quick round-up of what I've found on the web this last while that got my creative juices flowin':

1.  From Sweet Little Smoothie - 'Quilted' Paper Alphabet
This would make an adorable addition to any nursery or playroom!  Using mostly scrapbook paper and various other supplies, she's created something to be treasured for years to come.  See a larger picture of it here.

2.  From How About Orange - Money Origami
She calls it an "essential life skill", and I kind of agree!  So much more fun to give and receive cash if it's folded into cute shirts!

3.  From Brown Paper Packages - Picture Recipe Cards
I keep a binder full of my favorite recipes inside sheet protectors, and I also post them here.  This is another great idea, if you're partial to a recipe box, to take pictures of your dishes, add the recipe as text over top, and send out to be printed as 4x6 prints. 

4.  From How Does She? - Long Distance 'Date' with Grandma
We live out of state from both sets of grandparents.  I LOVE this idea for setting up an online experience for your kids with their grandparents.  This makes a regular, old video call so much more fun and interactive for everyone.

5.  From Not So Idle Hands - Washer Necklaces
I know you've seen these everywhere, just like me.  Emily has an easy-to-follow tutorial posted with how to make your very own.  They'd make great gifts, too.

6.  From Mads Memories - Personalized 'Guess Who' Game
Growing up, this was one of my favorite games to play.  I love this idea of personalizing it with family pictures.  Such a great way for your kids to become more familiar with faraway relatives! 

7.  From Mod Podge Rocks - Button Art on the Cheap
I have a little boy... and my house isn't too girly.  But, my sister is the majority ruler in her house.  Next time I visit, I hope to see one of these gracing her walls.

8.  From V and Co. - Quilted Table Runner
I've been thinking that it's about time there was something new on my kitchen table.  A runner like this would be perfect.

9.  From MiaBeads - Chrysanthemum Rings
I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I love, love, LOVE these chrysanthemum rings!  They're available in a wide variety of colors (see here and here), and you choose your band color.  For only $8.50, which includes shipping, they're quite a steal.  So pretty!  Browse her store for more beautiful baubles to add to your collection.

10.  From Somewhat Simple - Dry Erase Activity Book
This is a great idea for creating your own quiet book... just find a scrapbook photo album and print out her pages (provided here).  Use a dry erase pen on the plastic sheets and wipe clean with a tissue - it will keep your kids quietly occupied for at least a little while.

11.  From How Does She? - Make a Birthday Wreath
Having a birthday party at your house?  Check out this cute and easy idea to make some door decor using a straw wreath form and some colorful balloons.

12.  From The Idea Room - Crazy Dinner Menu
I remember doing something like this at a church youth activity when I was a teenager, but I think it would almost be more fun to do as a family.  Amy describes how she pulled this off for her family on April Fools' Day - so clever!

13.  Ming Makes Cupcakes
So far, there are 30 delicious cupcakes listed on Ming's site... each one unique, and utterly delectable!  I'm actually salivating over #32 - Graham Cupcakes with Key Lime Cream Cheese Frosting.  {sigh}

14.  From Fresh Nest Design - Tiny Terra
These are awesome.  I love their simplicity and I want a series of them to put in a window somewhere.  If you're so inclined, their creator shares a tutorial to make your own here.

15.  From Project Wedding - DIY: Modern Colorful Mobiles
Yet another great reason to throw a party - these simple, paper mobiles are gorgeous!  But, I'm thinking they would also be fun in a nursery...  oh, the possibilities!

16.  From At Second Street - Food Face
If your kids are going to play with their food, why not make them some fun personalized plates to do it with?  LOVE this idea!

17.  From Ohdeedoh - DIY ABC Poster Made with Microsoft Word
Another cute alphabet poster... and I think I'm going to attempt this one myself.  If I pull it off, I'll be sure to post it here as a printable for you to download.

18.  From Mel's Kitchen Cafe - Grilled Island Chicken
Make sure that propane tank is full, Brian... we're gonna get grilling!  I love me an easy dinner recipe.  YUM!

19.  From YouTube - Playlists
I've never been a big YouTuber, but with Connor, sometimes it's nice to find something that quickly dissipates his whine.  I just figured out how to save a playlist the other day.  In fact, while I write this post, I've got my screen split - I'm blogging on the left, and Connor's watching his MTV on the right (and dancing in his play yard!).  Why didn't I figure this out sooner??  You can watch Connor's playlist, currently with some favorites from Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba, here.

20.  From Mel's Kitchen Cafe - Double Chocolate M&M Cookies
Chocolate and M&Ms... mmmmmOKAY!

Whew!  That's it... 20 great finds.  I hope something here inspires you, too!



Penni Bodily said...

Hi Aimee, I loved your brief bits and I'm going to try the "Download and Print" website! Your mother's day photo of your mothers is beautiful, two pretty ladies! Thank you for the recipes on our cookbook site, we are looking forward to using them! Penni

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