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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brief update, quick flick, and picturepalooza

I’ve been MIA so long, with plenty going on, and I’m not quite sure where to begin… this calls for bullet points!

  • Current stats:  Weight ~ 20.5-21.0 lbs.  Height ~ 28”.  Head ~ 46.5 cm.
  • For his adjusted age of 13 months, this puts him at the 5th-10th percentiles for weight and height, and 50th percentile for head circumference.  He’s not even on the charts for his chronological age.  So, he’s still a pretty little guy!  His pediatrician was a bit concerned the month before last that he had lost weight, but changed his tune mid-April when Connor showed some steady gains.
  • We saw his neurologist for his 6-month follow-up appointment last week.  We’re now in the clear for any complications his IVH might have caused!  YAY!  We just have to overcome the delays due to prematurity…
  • Connor has been seeing his physical therapist weekly as of late.  The frequent visits really seem to be helping, and he really likes his PT.  In fact, at last Friday’s session, he “creeped” for the first time.  Had we been at home, and I’d observed him moving on his hands and knees, I would have called it CRAWLING, but since he technically dragged his knees more than he moved them independently, the definition of crawling does not apply.  Whatever.  My kid was on his hands and knees and he definitely moved forward!! 
  • We have a circular, upholstered ottoman in our family room, and Connor’s become quite proficient at cruising all the way around it.  His favorite way to watch Yo Gabba Gabba is standing at the ottoman.
  • IMG_7854.2Connor’s hair is still pretty fine and thin, but the long pieces hanging over his ears and neck were starting to bug.  So, the untalented me took scissors to it a few nights ago.  While it’s not at all straight, it at least looks better than before.  And yes, I did shed a tear during his haircut… but I wasn’t the only one – Connor was bawling!
  • We’ve been slowly integrating table foods the last several weeks.  Connor LOVES kiwis and strawberries and goldfish crackers and french fries.  Pretty much, if you’re eating it, he MUST try it. 
  • Unfortunately, we’re still battling him to drink his fluids.  The pediatrician says he needs at least 16 oz of milk per day plus other fluids.  Part of me is really hoping that’s like the recommendation we’re all familiar with to drink 8 glasses of water a day (which, who really gets that much on a consistent basis?)  Currently, Connor doesn’t care for the taste of his whole milk, so I dilute it with equal parts strawberry-flavored Pediasure.  In a 24-hour period, we’re lucky to get him to drink 8-oz of “milkshake” plus 4-oz of undiluted juice.  That doesn’t come close to equaling 16 oz.  So, without going into much more detail, you can imagine how much fun and how critical pooping has been for our little guy.  :( 
  • It’s been over a month, and we’ve still had no luck with the sippy cup.  I’m not going to worry about it for awhile yet.
  • The helmet is gone (but that’s another post!).

Here’s a 4-minute video of Connor showing off some of his cognition skills back in early April.  While compiling it tonight, I was amazed at how much more he’s learned in the past few weeks.  Plus, the slow, sticky scooting is a thing of the past… he’s in turbo mode now, heaven help me! 

(BTW, I don’t expect anyone but blood relatives to make it through to the end… and yes, there will be a quiz at the end!)

Coming up, Connor has yet another NICU Follow-Up Clinic appointment… we’re really hoping this is the last one, especially after last time.  He also has another Early Intervention evaluation and his 6-month follow-up with the ophthalmologist coming up in May. 

And now, copious candids for the grandparents…

IMG_7451.2April 3, 2010

IMG_7524.2Favorite pastime: unloading the book basket – April 6, 2010

IMG_7545.2Fake smile, or sneer… hard to tell – April 14, 2010

IMG_7457.2Sitting in the sun – April 4, 2010

IMG_7713.2Chilling with Daddy after his many travels – April 24, 2010

IMG_7534.2Look, Mom, look!  I can put my whole fist into my mouth… – April 6, 2010

IMG_7849.2Second favorite pastime: unloading the toy box – April 27, 2010

IMG_7699.2Groggy grins – April 24, 2010 

IMG_7454.2April 4, 2010

IMG_7625.2April 15, 2010

Fam-damily, were you paying attention??

VIDEO QUIZ:  Which children’s character was on the cover of the book Connor threw and said “uh-oh” over?? 

MAJOR brownie points are yours if you’re the first to answer!signature5


Audrey said...

Holy animal sounds!! That is fabulous! Darbi sat entranced through the entire video periodically clapping her hands for Connor! :D He is doing amazing!

Anonymous said...

Maddy said "he did it!" when Connor got ahold of the basket. Haha And I want ice cream points instead of brownie but it was cookie monster. I know you have a rug but maybe if he was on the carpet more hewould crawl?

Jiles Pfamily said...

i have said it once and i will say it again, "HE IS DARLING"!

Anonymous said...

Grandpa Rogers likes all the new pictures and the video...


Anonymous said...

Sesame Street, blue with white, bugged out eyes = Cookie Monster or Grover.

Guess which parental unit...

tiburon said...

He is growing so quickly and you can really see his personality! What a sweetie :)

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