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Friday, April 02, 2010

Brief Bits

A quick round-up of what I've found on the web this last while that got my creative juices flowin':

Brief Bits  04.02.10

I know I’m a little late on the Easter stuff, but I’m filing it away for next year!

1.  From Lemon Tree Creations – Framed Book Page Egg Wreath
Maybe it was the open frame, but something about this little project spoke to me.  I don’t really care for the little flower addition, so mine would probably be made without it.  I actually really like its lack of pastels… seems fresh to me.

2.  From eighteen25 – Easter Countdown
I love me a fun advent calendar… and this is a really cute idea to countdown the days to Easter with fun family activities.  Plus, it’s simple and easy!

3.  From Trey and Lucy – Button Earrings
I’d need to invest in a button shank remover, but this is a fun way to make some custom earrings out of cute buttons…  imagine the notions wall at the fabric store – options are endless!  (These would make cute gifts, too.)

4.  From Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss – Kids’ Masterpieces Gallery Wall
Another decor idea for open frames, but this adds a new dimension…  hang your kids’ artwork inside from binder clips.  LOVE it!

5.  From Delicious Ambiguity – DIY: Kids Play Stove
This is a great idea for making a simple play kitchen for your kids… one that even stores all of the accessories inside it!  Love that it’s made from a $5 storage bin (that can be repurposed when Junior stops playing with it) and that she provides the template for the stovetop here.  Fun cooking accessories sold here and here

6.  From Simply Modern Mom – V & Co.’s Frozen Lemonade Pie
My mom makes something similar to this dessert… and it’s yummy!  Sweets like these make me excited for warmer weather to come.

7.  From V and Co. – Dana of MADE’s Peeps Bunny Bunting
Not a fan of the taste or texture of Peeps, but this felt bunting is adorable!  Full tutorial, including the pattern, is posted.  Looks like something even I might be able to pull off.

8.  From How Does She… – Party Hats for Kids
Great tutorial for how to make your own party hats for kids… so cute!

9.  From The Modern Hive – Custom Lift-the-Flap Board Book
This is a fun idea for making a personalized lift-the-flap board book.  Further, detailed instructions found here.  Such a unique idea!

10.  From Money Saving Mom – Put your Expired Coupons to Good Use!
This might be my favorite item on this whole list.  Did you know that military families are able to redeem expired coupons for up to 6 months beyond their expiration date at their local PX and Commissary?  Rather than throwing out your expired coupons, you can send them to U.S. military bases around the world
Our program serves military families by assisting you to forward "manufacturer's coupons" to overseas military bases.  These bundles of coupons are placed on tables, at the PX and Commissary, or handed out for use by military members and families on base.  This helps the family save valuable dollars and stretch their budget.  Your totals are listed at our site.
This is not a tax deductible charity.  This is a patriotic charity.  You are supporting the service person and their family by sending coupons that you do not use, and all of the extra ones that you can find, to them.  The service pay rates are no longer below the poverty level, but they are in no way great when you have a family.  Our military service families appreciate your assistance.
There are so many coupons I clip and don’t use in time, and I always see them just a day or two past their expiration, when it’s too late… now, someone else can get good use out of them!  (I’m also saving the rest of the inserts, full of the coupons I don’t clip, to ship to a base as well.)  What a great idea! 


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