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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big fan

Connor doesn’t watch many programs, seeing as how he’s still really little and has the attention span of a gnat. 
But there’s one in particular that has captured all of his affection, one that he’ll gaze lovingly at for several seconds at a time, one that gets him more excited than just about anything else, one that has brought out new syllables in his vocabulary (“ga…ga…”) -
We didn’t have Nick Jr. until a few weeks ago, but a quick call to our cable company expanded our services, and now we’re actually paying less than before… for several months anyway. 
IMG_7553.2April 14, 2010
For Connor, I’ll Tivo a couple of episodes a week, and there’s always some On Demand, but it’s great when I just need a few minutes to wash some dishes, clean up a small mess, or just giggle at his total joy. 
This was 2 weeks ago, and his excitement has only become more pronounced since then:

For me, the music on Yo Gabba Gabba doesn’t cause brain seepage quite like Sesame Street or Barney, plus it’s always fun to see what celebrities/bands might pop up.  Check it signature5out!


Audrey said...

I think we need to introduce Darbi to Yo Gabba Gabba. She watches some Baby Einstein and cries anytime a hand puppet is on the screen. She hates them! LOL

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