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Monday, March 15, 2010


No major news to share here... 
thought the grandparents would like to see some of Connor’s recent pictures.

We've just been biding our time indoors until Spring officially arrives. 
Then we'll venture out some more; still avoiding crowds whenever possible. 
We can't wait!

Crib Kneeling  03.10.10 We’ve since lowered the mattress in his crib, 
which should give Connor more leverage to actually pull himself to standing.

IMG_7252.2 In our latest quest for sure-fire giggles, we’ve discovered 
that Daddy’s goatee tickles… A LOT! – March 8, 2010

IMG_7247.2 Connor’s hair is definitely getting longer and slowly thicker! – March 7, 2010

Slinky Fun  03.12.10
Oh, the ways we entertain ourselves on gray, dreary days!

IMG_7392.2 Ready to go OUTSIDE! – March 12, 2010

IMG_7253.2 Father & son – March 8, 2010

Zoolander Poses  03.12.10 First person to comment on this pop culture reference, gets… a SHINY gold star!  :)

Connor’s not yet crawling, 
but we’re working on sitting from a laying down position and kneeling.  
Physical therapy, now twice monthly, should start to help with that.

Under Construction Graphic Planning for just 4-6 more weeks in the band…  shooting for 4!  
We’re still seeing little to no change in the shape of his head since getting the 2nd band.  As evidenced by these posted photos, I'm really trying to be diligent about his helmet-wearing... actually doing a lot better this second time around.  In retrospect, at this point in his treatment, I kinda think we shouldn’t have bothered with this 2nd band. But... ask me again in a month.

Feels like Brian’s traveling constantly these days (because he pretty much is!), 
so we’re taking advantage of family time whenever we can get it!

And, oh yeah...
"Mama" has officially been said, on purpose!


sumthinghappened said...

Connor is SO darling. Really, one of the cuter babies out there! And that band, it's the only one I have ever seen that was decorated in such a way that it is actually cute! Hope you start seeing the results you are looking for!

Audrey said...

I LOVE the crib kneeling! I so need to do this with Darbi. Does Connor get into the kneeling position himself?? I am so happy he knows his Mama now! Moomomom has been said in our house but it has nothing to do with me yet.

And. Zoolander. "You is talking loco and I like it!" :)

Anonymous said...

Zoolander is one of a string (20-30 long) of moronic, vapid, puerile--you get the picture--comedies. This string was apparently motivated by the success of "Dumb and Dumber."

Though I cannot think of any exceptions, just about everything with Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller is of this sophomoric genre (and even sophomores should be embarrassed to find them funny).

So, Aimee, guess who...

tiburon said...

Oh my goodness - he gets cuter and cuter every single time I see him!

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