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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Brief Bits

A quick round-up of what I've found on the web this last while that got my creative juices flowin':

1.  From PB Teen - Wire Wall Letters
Two little nieces of mine received these as early birthday presents this week.  And I figured our kitchen (or office) needed one, too.  At $15, and FREE shipping... I couldn't pass them up!

2.  From Brown Paper Packages - Movie Night Fun... Concession Boxes
LOVE this idea for a Family Movie Night... how she encourages good behavior all week, so the kids can earn "money" towards concession stand goodies to be enjoyed during the movie.  Definitely an idea to file away in my future family ideas!

3.  From Vittles Divine - Sesame Chicken
My all-time favorite Chinese dish is Sesame Chicken.  Any new Chinese restaurant we visit is judged by me on how well they pull off this dish.  (House of Emperor is my new favorite!)  Megan posted this recipe, and has inspired me to try it for myself... looks delicious!!

4.  From Ohdeedoh - Fabric Photo Mat from a Pizza Box
Super easy tutorial posted on how to "freshen up" your framed photos with a little cardboard, glue and fabric.  Oh, the possibilities!

5.  From Sibling Craftery - Handprints on the Wall
Such a cute way to capture your kids' growth, and a fun (and inexpensive) family activity/decor idea.

6.  From Feed Your Soul: The Free Art Project - FREE Original Art Downloads
Take a minute to peruse these FREE images (download the PDFs and print yourself)... I think I fell in love with nearly all of them!  Some great pieces here for decorating a nursery, child's room, or anywhere in your home.

7.  From Bissinger's Confections - Gummy Pandas
I'm a sucker for anything fruity, chewy, and sweet... it's a bonus that these are all-natural and GOOD for you!  We picked up a couple of bags at Fox & Obel (a favorite downtown Chicago stop) over the weekend, and I'm having a really hard time savoring them slowly.

8.  From Just Something I Made - Vintage Measuring Tape Growth Chart: FREE Download!
This idea is a must-see... and the best part?  All you have to do is print it out and put it together.  I'm likely going to transfer from Connor's cutesy growth chart to this idea... one of these days!

9.  From Ohdeedoh - How to Make a Reusable Babysitting Info Board
I was a big-time babysitter as a teenager, and wish the moms I babysat for had used something like this.  In the "near future", when Connor has regular babysitters, I want to make up something like this. 

10.  From dialmformichelle - Breakfast Club Print
(Via Word to Your Mother.)  One of my all-time favorite movies... love this print, and for only $10, too!

11.  From NoraAndFinn - Bunny Hat
Oh, if Connor was still a bitty baby... I would be so tempted to get this little hat!

12.  From All Things Thrifty - TUTORIAL: Making a Pin-Tuck Pillow
If I don't end up making pillows like these (as seen in the last Brief Bits post) in our bedroom re-design, then likely these pretty pin-tuck pillows will be the winners.  So many choices!


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