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Saturday, March 27, 2010

15 months old

IMG_7436.2 Connor had his 15-month well check last week.

19 lbs, 13 oz

27.5” tall

Exactly 1 month prior, at his nephrology appointment, he was measured at 20 lbs, 15 oz.  Allowing a bit for some discrepancies between different scales, it still means he's lost weight.

Pediatrician also measured him at only 27.5" again, same as in December... which is funny because the nephrologist had him at just slightly over 28" one month ago.... whatever. 

For his adjusted age, this puts him in the 5th-10th percentiles for weight and height...  and  his noggin is still in the 50th percentile.  So, he’s dropped since his 12-month well check.

He's definitely been more active this past month, with trying to move/crawl/scoot, but the pediatrician says that he wouldn't be expected to LOSE weight with additional activity.  (I disagree and kinda think it's a natural consequence, within reason, for babies.)

IMG_7421.2Too BIG! – March 20, 2010

So, we're working hard on fattening him up!  More snacks, bigger meals, and giving him a little "milkshake" (Pediasure) every day, too... pretty much it seems he’s eating all the time.  He's losing interest in the bottle fast (unless there's juice in it, and only if he's in the right mood), which is incredibly frustrating, because the kid wants absolutely nothing to do with sippy cups either.  He's now officially "allowed" to have whole milk, too.  He’s supposed to have more than 16oz. of fluid a day… and lately, we’re lucky to get 9oz. in him.  As you can well imagine, with a lower fluid intake overall, he's doing numbers on his pooping abilities.  There’s a strong possibility that this has something to do with teething, but only time will tell. 

Has anyone else’s kid weaned themselves from the bottle AND rejected the sippy cup?  What did you do??

He had to go back to the pediatrician this week for some shots (had a little cold last week), and I made them weigh him again, just to see if there'd be any pay-off for my efforts on Operation Fat.  Happy to report: 3 whole ounces!  YIPPEE!  :)  It's not much, but I'll take whatever I can get.

Not spoiled.  Not one bit.  03.22.10

At his 15-month well check, the pediatrician did his 1-page developmental assessment and determined that Connor was pretty much right on track for his adjusted age, or even in line with his chronological age on everything but gross motor (the not crawling issue again) and SPEECH.  In fact, he decided that his speech development was that of a 9-month-old. 

This is really interesting, since his EI speech therapist had determined not 2 months earlier that he was pretty much in line with his chronological age.  I let the pediatrician know I did not concur, but agreed to take Connor in for a speech evaluation.  (And annoyed as all get out, because the last thing this kid needs is MORE appointments.)

So, this past Thursday was his speech evaluation.  At first, I was freaking out a little, because Connor seemed to be “failing” at all the tasks she was asking him to do…  feed a baby with a spoon, naming toys/objects he’d never seen before, etc.  About a half-hour later, we got to the interview part of the evaluation, and the speech pathologist seemed to like what she heard… and told us to come back for another evaluation in 6-8 months.  Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!  We can do follow-up appointments, especially when they’re so spread out like that!  She had no concerns for him right now… he’s right in line with his adjusted age, if not a little ahead, based on his comprehension, etc.  She also seemed very impressed with his current eating habits, surprised at how well he’s doing based on how premature he was.  :)

IMG_7415.2This is how he rolls… – March 17, 2010

We’re doing okay with the helmet wearing lately…  I give him more breaks than I probably should, but can you really blame me?  Under Construction GraphicPoor kid actually has calluses on the crown of his head from wearing it. 

Brian and I are planning his Cranial Tech Graduation Day for April 27th.  That would make for 11 weeks with this 2nd band… 26 weeks total of helmet wearing.  And, WE.ARE.DONE.  The areas the CT therapists are waiting to see if they’ll fill out are actually flat spots on Brian’s head, too… so, who’s to say it’s not genetics, and it can’t be fixed??  Only 3 more appointments, beginning this Tuesday.  I can’t wait! 

Connor is enrolled in physical therapy, just twice per month.  His PT wants to provide services until he’s walking… (which makes me weary).  We’ll see how fast he takes off once we get the crawling thing down. 

Overall, Connor’s been making GREAT progress!  Everyday it seems he learns something new…  roaring like a lion, hissing like a snake, “washing” his hands, giving high fives.  Even though his mobility is still somewhat limited, he does find ways to get around, and is keeping us on our baby-proofing toes! 

Slow and steady wins the race, right?!?  :)

Giggles with Grandma Sprik  03.26.10


Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

First of all, Connor is SO CUTE!! And I can't believe you can still get him to sit in his swing...lucky for you! Don't you hate it when you get conflicting reports from different doctors? So frustrating. Rocklin had to meet with a therapist as well for his speech and my pediatrician had me all freaked out about it, and turns out he's fine with just a very slight speech delay. Anyway, they all grow and develop at their own rate, and given Connors early arrival into this world, he looks like he's doing GREAT! You guys are great parents.

tiburon said...

Oh he is DEFINITELY not spoiled! I can't get over how cute he is - and his personality sure comes through in the pictures!

Happy 15 Months!!

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