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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

“Second verse, same as the first…”

I’m attempting to post this tonight using Windows Live Writer… anyone have any experience with it?  We got a new computer for Christmas, and I’m still using it like it’s the old PC.  In fact, I’ve had Photoshop for over a year now, it’s finally installed, but I still use my old scrapbooking software and Picnik.  Sad.

Anywho…Under Construction Graphic

We’re 2 weeks in to Connor’s second band.  Only 10 more to go!!

I’ve mentally committed us to 10-12 weeks on this band…  which means GRADUATION DAY should be around April 13th-27th, depending on how things are going.

Issues with the 2nd band have been minor, compared to the 1st band…  fewer fit issues, fewer skin irritations.  Connor has adjusted to it pretty well.  It’s nearly the same shape as the 1st band, just larger.

IMG_7038.2Cheesy grin – February 11, 2010

The good news is… we can QUIT this at any time.  Tomorrow, even.  And it wouldn’t be considered insurance fraud.  (I was worried that if we gave up too soon, we could be held liable.)

So, we’re hanging in there for now…  any change to his head shape is expected to be slow and less dramatic than the first time around.  We’re trying our best to be even more diligent about the amount of time Connor is wearing it - figuring that we do all we can now, and we’ll either shorten treatment time, or get the maximum benefit from the entire ordeal.

We decorated the band over the weekend.  Same design as last time, just different colors.  Same reasons as last time, too.

IMG_7163.2Moody blues. – February 21, 2010

Yep, kid…  that’s how I feel, too.


Christy said...

His little face!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the blue lettering make his blue eyes POP!! Hang in there.


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