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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Sustenance

"God loves us, so He makes us the gift of suffering. Through suffering, we release our hold on the toys of this world, and know our true good lies in another world. We're like blocks of stone, out of which the sculptor carves the forms of men. The blows of his chisel, which hurt us so much, are what make us perfect. The suffering in this world is not the failure of God's love for us; it is that love in action. For believe me, this world that seems to us so substantial is no more than the shadowlands. Real life has not begun yet."
 - C. S. Lewis


Christy said...

I love Sunday Sustenance

Anonymous said...

CS has many interesting and useful perspectives. This particular one, "God makes us a gift of suffering," is--in your jargon--lame, but quite common among Christians.

God is not responsible, nor did he create suffering. It is just an immutable fact/law of the universe. However, it is useful and comforting to feel that we can "turn" (ah, the lovely ambiguity of religions) to Him when we are experiencing it.

My Phil-osophy (Aimee knows who I am ;)

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