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Sunday, January 24, 2010


The fact that I have two Sunday Sustenances posted in a row is lame.

The fact that I haven't shared anything but recipes and quotes and birthdays since the end of last year is lame.
(And I do have a list of lovely things to share, too.) 

The fact that I have yet to post about Connor's first Christmas at home is lame.   
(At this rate, I can pretty much promise it'll be the latest Christmas 2009 post you'll read.)

The fact that Brian is gallivanting about Great Britain this week, while I get to go see about a second helmet for Connor is lame.

The fact that you're going to see this pic of the Hoff and Arnold at the top of my blog for a little while yet is lame.

What have I been doing, you ask??
Attempting to give Sprik Space an extreme makeover... self-taught.  And, it's not going so good.  :S

One of these days...
one of these days...


Christy said...

Busy is what happens when you're a mom. And busy you are :)

Patrick said...

Hey, if you need some picks to use I have lots of great fish picks. LOL

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