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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Slowly, but surely...

...I'll get this blog updated!

Still to come... more about our trip to Arizona and Connor's 12th (and final) monthly post.

I was going to go on a blog hiatus for this week...
you know, with it being CHRISTMAS and all...
but, who needs sleep?!?

*** Yes, I realize that the only people waiting with baited breath for updates to Sprik Space are those actually related to me.  ;)


Audrey said...

I'm SO glad you had an awesome time in AZ! I'm sorry I never called you to get together. I know you were SUPER busy and D had her faux-cold (teething) and without Clint, I got zero sleep and the week flew by. If you get out to UT next year, we'll plan a little thing with Megan and it will be awesome! :)

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