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Monday, November 09, 2009

What I wouldn't do for my very own force field

Flu season is upon us, and has reared its ugly head among many of our friends and family, both near and far, the last few weeks.  To date, we've been blessed to only be dealing with pesky sinus issues, and we pray that's the worst of it this season.

Oh, how we appreciate those who have called to cancel visits and appointments with us these past few weeks, in the off-chance they could be carriers of some stowaway germs.  While we've very much missed seeing you, your thoughtfulness means the world to us... it really, truly does.

We're so very honored that you care about us, and hope that you continue to care enough, especially about Connor... to steer clear of Casa de Sprik if you're sick, if you're just getting over something, if one of your family members is sick, or if you know you've been exposed to nasty germs.  It's nothing personal, and we look forward to catching up face-to-face when things are better!


Rachel said...

Good, because I was starting to feel bad that we've had to cancel the last 3 appointments:)

Megan B ♥ said...

In Sunday School this past Sunday, the teacher took the first three minutes of his lesson to describe how very very very ill he was and how he needed us to participate because he felt so miserable. And to that I say "this is why Crew stays home from church in the winter." AND.... I have to say I was glaring at the piece of chalk that would have been MY piece of chalk after him if I was teaching in RS this last week....grrrr.... get a sub, for pete's sake!

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