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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Making Grandpa Rogers proud

It's official, Grandpa Rogers can add Connor to his Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam fan club!

Connor ADORES this song. 

If he hears in on TV, he'll swivel his head 360 degrees just to get his eyes on it (lucky for him, we watch most of our TV through the DVR, so we can play it over and over again).

When he's upset, it's one of the only songs in my arsenal that actually will quiet him down (and I have to sing it over and over again).  I need to learn the rest of the words! 


Anonymous said...

Grandpa Rogers hastens to point out that he is not a "fan" of Cat Stevens. A "fan" is a vapid, sophomoric, immature, and (too often) mindless devotee. Me, I enjoy most of what Cat Stevens recorded in the late 60's. ;-)

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