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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9 months old

9 months old.
Time is flying by... way.too.fast.

We've now had Connor home with us a month longer than he spent in the NICU. Thankfully, with every passing day, it feels like ages ago.


(As measured at his GI follow-up appointment, on September 8th... and he's only getting bigger!)

Weight: 16 lbs, 8 oz
Height: 26 in

You can see in the growth ch
arts on the right his general growth pattern for the past 6 months, and where he falls in the percentiles (according to his adjusted age of 6 months).


Saw his surgeon for a follow-up this past month. As far as the NEC surgery, Connor's clear and done. The surgeon was all ready to graduate us, say sayonara, and I had open my mouth to ask, "What about...??" So, Connor's got a small hernia issue that we'll revisit with the surgeon to see if there's anything we're going to do about it next spring.

Meanwhile, this past week, Connor graduated from his GI and his hematologist... no need to see them ever again unless there's an issue.

Monkey boy - September 2, 2009

We doubt that we will ever need to follow-up on SOD. Both his pediatrician and neurologist feel that he doesn't have it. (So, no MRI with sedation in Connor's near future.) Since he was previously cleared of any lingering ROP issues, I don't think we'll be seeing his ophthalmologist again either.

August 30, 2009

This means that the only doctors/specialists he will see moving forward are his pediatrician, surgeon (hernia follow-up), neurologist, and nephrologist. WAHOO!

We've already begun the weaning process for his Reglan, so we're well on our way to being down to just 2 meds - the multi-vitamin and the antibiotic.

September 7, 2009


We started eating cereal 3 weeks ago. Connor has enjoyed oats and barley much more than he did the rice - thank goodness! We'll spend a week on multi-grain cereal, and then he can move on to 1st foods like carrots and sweet potatoes as a 2nd solid meal... YUM!

Goatee o' Cereal - September 13, 2009

Early Intervention decided that he's right on track for his adjusted age, and there's no need for them to provide in-home therapy. (Yep, I've got mixed feelings about that.) We'll reevaluate in a few months.

Happy to report that we're almost there...


Uncle Jason came to visit. :)

While on their way to a cruise of the Caribbean, my brother and sister-in-law had a quick layover here in Chicago. Since neither one of them has had a chance to meet their nephew, we decided to catch them briefly at O'Hare. Connor is definitely a people watcher!

Connor also got to meet some of my old coworkers at ALDI Corporate HQ, and he attended the {unofficial} Alterian company picnic in Varna, IL.

We traveled downtown to the Renegade Craft Fair last weekend, where Connor discovered that his parents are boring suburbanites. We so didn't fit in with the vegan bohemians or the uber-yups! Cool wearables on sale... lots of fun t-shirts and jewelry, lots of letterpress products, etc. I actually saw a ton of stuff in person that I've read about on various design blogs, but just couldn't see spending the arm or leg they were wanting for some of their wares. One of my favs was Campfire Goods who sold tees sporting the graphic on the left. (Classic.) We did do a little to stimulate the local economy (and make Uncle Scott proud) by stopping into the brick-and-mortar Threadless Kids, and bought Connor this and that.

We finally decided upon and picked up Connor's 1st Halloween costume!


Bliss. - September 13, 2009

Mommy & Daddy are preparing for 1st overnight away from Connor... a little getaway to downtown. I've got a lot of mixed emotions about being away from him, but do want to thank Grandpa & Grandma Sprik for babysitting. You can imagine the arm-twisting we had to do!

August 30, 2009

Next week, Connor has an evaluation for a DOC Band. While we've seen marked improvement on the shape of his head (he has a flat spot), our window to help correct it is closing quickly. We're not 100% sure that he will qualify for treatment. For now, I'm just happy that he doesn't hate having things on his head.

Our little hoodlum - September 10, 2009

Just one more appointment with the private physical therapist before our flu season hiatus.

Early October brings another round of follow-up appointments with his nephrologist and neurologist up at Lutheran General.

September 15, 2009

And finally, at some point in the next few weeks (because we want Aunt Kristen to be as miserable as possible - J/K - because early babies can be a little scary sometimes!), Connor will no longer be the youngest Rogers grandchild! :)


This one's for Tiburon - September 9, 2009

August 30, 2009

Lounging. - September 2, 2009

Sleepy. - September 6, 2009

Lake Connor...
he's just days away from taking his baths in the regular bathtub! - September 3, 2009

Name that Tune - September 7, 2009

Still no teeth... yet. - September 7, 2009

We start 'em young! - September 10, 2009

Flat-footed on the floor! - September 10, 2009

Annoyed. - September 10, 2009

Y'all come back now, ya hear?? - September 15, 2009


tiburon said...

Oh my goodness he is cute! And hooray for all the progress :)

That annoyed picture is priceless!

Audrey said...

I LOVE the Halloween costume!! So ironic! I wasn't going to dress Darbi up but I may have to steal that idea! :) SO CUTE!

Megan B ♥ said...

Yay! It sounds like he is doing awesome. And isn't it wonderful to start walking away from one specialist and medication after another?? I can't believe how BIG and how OLD and mature he looks! Holy smokes!

Crew totally has that blue and green fishie outfit... He's so sweet in that bathtub! I wish Connor and Crew could play together sometime!

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