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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Doin' good!

August 23, 2009

We saw the pediatrician yesterday.
Connor's latest stats:
Weight: 15 lbs, 12 oz
Height: 25 in
Head Circ: 43.5 cm
If you put him at his adjusted age of 5 months, on the growth charts he is:
Weight: 25th percentile
Height: 25th percentile (from the 5th percentile!!!)
Head Circ: 50th percentile
All kinds of good news today...
  • He gets to come off Neosure (the really expensive, not-easy-to-find, specialty formula) next month... hallelujah! Costco, here we come!!
  • The original plan was to wait until 9 months old to start solid food... and we're starting this week, instead! (This is a really big deal for us, especially considering Connor's intestinal surgery.)
  • He's on his last bottle of Reglan (for gastric reflux) - he's already outgrown his current dosage, so the weaning process has begun! After he's done with Reglan, we're down to just 2 meds - the antibiotic and multi-vitamin.
  • After 1 more well-check appointment in 6 weeks (and this is mostly just because he's due for a bunch of shots - namely a regular flu shot and the RSV vaccine), he'll be then seen on a regular baby check-up schedule - no pediatrician until he's 1 year old.
  • Dr decided that developmentally he is right around a 6-month-old, even though his adjusted age is still only 5 months.
Sunny skies ahead!! :)


Hayley said...

fantastic news! that kid is so cute! i am so happy he's doing so well!!

Karen said...

doin' good and lookin' good! Cute picture!

Christy said...

and so dang cute!

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