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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Packing perfection

I'm in the process of readying Connor for his first overnight trip away from home. I'm likely over-packing and over-planning, but it's our first time traveling with a baby, too. And, it's exhausting!

Since we're still traveling with a large stroller, which takes up the majority of our trunk space (and we have an SUV), my method this time is compartmentalizing his stuff, to make it easy to find, and easy to pack the car. So, with various totes (and I won't even say how many, because it's embarrassing!), I've got clothes, feeding supplies, diapering supplies, toys, linens, etc. organized. We'll see how it works when it's actually in play this weekend.

I stumbled across this idea today from Small Notebook, which I've seen somewhere before... but, I think it's genius for longer trips with older babies on up.

By dividing each day's outfit into labeled, ziploc bags, there's no more hunting for socks and underwear in the bottom of the bag... and messing up its previously packed order.


(As seen on ohdeedoh.)


Karen said...

I lu...huv this idea! It also helps to avoid the clean clothes touching the dirty clothes in a suitcase...which I hate!

Good luck on your trip and have fun? Where are you going btw?

Connor is too die for cute...so big!

Audrey said...

I was so stressed out on our overnight trip too! Ours was just for 1 night too! I felt like we had to bring everything! Traveling with an O2 tank is another story. We have a weekend trip coming up the first weekend in August and I'm liking that baggie idea! Good luck on your trip!

tiburon said...

I am a packing freak! This post speaks to me :)

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