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Friday, July 31, 2009

Over the river and through the woods...

Overall, I'd have to say that last weekend, Connor's 1st travel experience, was a success!

The ride up was about 5 hours and the ride back took about 4.5 (when there's little to no traffic, it only takes about 3.5)... and the beautiful thing was that Connor slept about 95% of the time.

Connor got to spend some quality time with his Sprik Grandparents, he saw windy South Haven, met Uncle Fred & Aunt Marcia for the first time, Daddy got to hang out with Patrick, and we all celebrated Uncle Jason's & Daddy's birthdays.

My packing prep served us well - everything fit in the car with room to spare for the bit of shopping we did in Holland, and the only thing I really overpacked were Connor's clothes, but you never know how many outfits you're going to need (especially this past week!).

The downside of our travels?
  • We all picked up some kind of stomach bug, but I think we're over it now. (And, we were careful!)
  • Connor found his cranky self somewhere in Indiana or Michigan... and it came home with us. (And no, he's not cutting teeth... just yet.)
The upside?
  • We can do it! (With plenty of advance preparation and planning, of course!)
  • Connor has since decided his bedtime is an hour earlier than before (through no effort of mine)... can't complain about that one!


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