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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rockstar duds

Have you heard of Threadless?
From their website:
"Threadless is an online design community where users can score designs, offer comments and critiques, and post about whatever is on their minds. Threadless is also an ongoing open call for tee shirt design submissions. Anyone can sign up, download a tee template and submit ideas, which are then evaluated by the Threadless community for seven days. Tee shirt designs are selected from the pool of the most popular designs as scored by the community."
Cool idea, huh?!

Lucky for us, there's a kids' division!
(With a store here in Chicago, that I can't wait to check out, too!)

Not that we don't love the fashions from Carter's, Old Navy, Target, etc., it's just that every baby is sporting the same attire... unless you're wearing last season's designs because Mommy couldn't help herself at the clearance racks. But, still...

Uncle Scott, provider of all things cool and unique, sent Connor an awesome care package last week! So now, some of Connor's outfits will be a little more special (a little less cookie-cutter). Each design is a limited edition, and absolutely, completely adorable!

Clockwise, from L to R: Everybody Loves a Yeti; Ice Cream Cheerleading Stunt;
Under My Bed; Race (no longer available); Such a Great Height

Thanks, Uncle Scott!


tiburon said...

Ooo that place looks really cool.

I kind of need a zebra shirt...

How fun!

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