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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Latest stats

Saw the pediatrician on Friday...
Weight: 12 lbs, 5 oz
Height: 22.5"
Head Circ: 40.5 cm
Since he came home 2 months ago, he's gained 4 pounds and 3". I can't believe it!

If you put him at his adjusted age of 3 months, on the growth charts (which he finally falls on!) he is:
Weight: 25th percentile
Height: 5th-10th percentile
Head Circ: 50th percentile

His bloodwork from last week showed great improvements!
He's no longer jaundiced - his bilirubin levels are all normal. His alkphos continues to drop - is now in the low 400s. His liver enzymes (which spiked last month) have all normalized. His platelets are still climbing, and his red blood cells are maturing. Overall, his pediatrician was very pleased with his latest results.

Connor had another evaluation for private physical therapy this morning. The PT was very impressed with how far beyond his adjusted age he is. Her recommendation was to see him only every other week.

More appointments coming up for our little guy, which include an MRI under sedation (requiring a 4-hour fast = fun!), his endocrinologist, and some physical therapy. Really hoping we're at the beginning of a permanent slow-down of doctors' appointments. Connor (Mommy) needs a break!

Hoping I don't jinx it...
Connor's had pretty good nights, this past week. He's been sleeping 6-8 hours in a stretch. (I know, right?!?)

Connor had a fabulous time with Auntie Lyn last night... and she's even offered to babysit for him again (ummm... OKAY!). Brian & I had great fun, too - saw The Proposal (highly recommend it - plenty of funny not seen in the trailers) and had a late dinner at Mimi's Cafe. It was glorious!! :)


Hayley said...

glad he's doing so well. glad you got a night out on the town. glad you are getting fairly decent stretches of sleep. and one more thing, but i forgot... shoot...

tiburon said...

Wooo Hooo!!

Sounds like things are cruising right along.

I am not sure what the deal is but your feed wasn't updating in my reader. Yesterday you had no posts - today you had 14!!


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