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Saturday, May 02, 2009

"Take comfort wherever you can..."

I know... I know... I've been a little MIA lately.

Hibernation, though we only get it in small spurts, is beyond wonderful!
After four months of traveling back and forth to the hospital several times a day, I had forgotten what it felt like to just.stay.home.
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE wearing pajamas all day, too?? :)

So, I've been working on a more detailed post... editing pictures... thinking about all the exciting stuff I want to tell you about (at least we think it's exciting). I hope to post something more substantial in the next few days.
But, there's just this needy 9-pound ball of adorableness that I happily let suck all of my energy and stamina from me right now.
You understand, right??

It's so good to have him home...
even in our exhaustion, we feel so blessed!

The past 18 days have flown by... and have been absolutely AMAZING!

In the meantime, here's a quick slideshow I threw together with pics from Connor's photo shoot his last day in the hospital, and the one we did here at home with Auntie Lyn a few days later.



Megan B ♥ said...

Beautiful pictures! Welcome back, he is so darling and he looks SO CONTENT to be home in those pictures! Seriously, you can see it in his eyes!

Christy said...

Love the slide slow! Little toes and little fingers :)

I think everyone understands why we haven't heard from you very much recently:)

Hayley said...

the slideshow is priceless. he's adorable. i wanna pinch on his cheeks & nuzzle his neck.

Jiles Pfamily said...

i cried! what a neat slide show. i am so happy for you. he is beautiful. horray for comming home. hope you get some sleep.

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