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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Come one, come all...

In 3 short weeks, our hibernation will be drawing to a close,
and we're ready to celebrate!
(Not quite ready to take him out into the world just yet, but we're getting ready for visitors.)
Most importantly, we're ready to have Connor blessed.

If you happen to find yourself in the Chicagoland area,
or feel like coming to visit,
on June 7th,
we'd love to have you!
I've tried to send this out via e-mail where I have addresses, but feel free to pass it along.
If you need our home address, please contact me.

We hope to see you (your healthy self)
UNLESS you're suffering from
the swine flu, stomach flu, regular flu, etc.
OR have someone in your home afflicted...
We still love you, just can't take that big of a risk with Connor.
You understand, right?

See you soon!


Megan B ♥ said...

Can't tell you how much I wish we could be there! Sooooo exciting! But still please email me your home address :)

Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

How exciting! Wish I could be there; I'm sure you guys will have a great time. Oh, and nice job on the cute invites!!

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

I'm so happy for you all that you have made it through what was probably the longest winter of your lives. Congrats to your little family for a special day ahead.

Karen said...

I wish so bad we could be there...please know that we are thinking about your cute family and the celebration you all deserve!

tiburon said...

So wish I could be there!

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