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Sunday, May 03, 2009

4 months old

On his 4-month birthday on April 16th, Connor had been home for 2 whole days, and was patiently putting up with his monthly monkey shot.

At the pediatrician's that afternoon, he was a whopping 8 lbs, 9 oz... up 3 oz from when he left the hospital. According to the measurements done at the pediatrician's office (which vary greatly from the ones the hospital last recorded), he was 18.5" long, with a head circumference of 38 cm. So, on the premature growth charts, he's in the 40th percentile for his weight, 3rd percentile for his height, and 50th percentile for his head circumference.

More to be posted later, just wanted to put this up for chronology's sake...


Megan B ♥ said...

Oh! Ha ha! He is so cute! And so SHORT, LOL!

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